My body is mine

It is mine

My limbs, my heart

My womb


Each day I endure with it

Breathe with it

Bleed with it

Ache and love and care for it

My body is mine

I walk with it

Pain with it

Think with it

Choose for it

It is mine

I am a woman

And my body is mine


Endearment, Thy Name Is You

In the lowest possible dwelling
neither light nor shadows are
is where the branches of love form
born through the darkness
existent without illumination
nourished with caution and hope
and with the succulent notion that growth
in its overrated value
shall bloom into something lustrous
prodigious intelligence spread into each limb
each portion of the globe
until its untimely death
unwarranted yet deserved
to resume its cycle at its due hour

All Made Up

Cake it on

Cause they’re looking

Add the extra layer to those cheeks and don’t forget those eyes, honey

The extra length to those lashes hide all the secrets and the lies

Manipulate the face to manipulate the masses

Trying to cover up the fear, the truth, with Red Hot smeared across those lips

Distraction as seduction to ease their minds, makes for uneasy feelings

But don’t waver or cave

Saturate those pores with a devilish pink, don’t forget to contour

Bring out those chocolate browns with a outline of liner, makes one liners more believable

And lets not forget a whisper when speaking is a weakness to many

Makes them question their morals while eyeing that mask

This facade, that could destroy their everything

and gaurantee nothing

Parting Words

It is what it is
and it ain’t what it ain’t
I haven’t the time, the drive
nor the strength
to fight for you
if you won’t fight for me
This is how it has to be
for my sanity
Its not about my vanity
or how it looks to everyone
else and what they don’t see
Between us
reigns nothing but toxicity
And I can’t sleep
haven’t got the vibe to eat
my slowed heart beat
is proof that I’m a casualty
Quite naturally
the shots to my chest
woke me up
everything’s happened so disasterly
I can’t believe
out of all of the catastrophe
we have to separate
and we can’t do it happily
But it is what it is
and it ain’t what it ain’t
and I still haven’t got the time,
the drive, nor the strength

Destructive Repetitive Behaviour

There is no worse feeling than
being the target of his hate
and watching his words
dart towards my heart at
200 miles per hour and
I take it
Without a second thought,
I absorb each blow
and even though the tears will flow
I reassure myself that I’m fine
I manage to whisper that I’m okay
and that the pain doesn’t really hurt
That its what love feels like
because he’ll say he’s sorry,
sooner or later
and he’ll grab my hand just the way
I like and kiss me just the way that
he knows makes me melt
and everything will be okay again
until he reloads
and aims at my heart


I wrap my hands around my throat,
a struggled match to catch my breath,
my eyes agape, my lips light blue,
I’m surely closing in on death.

A cough erupts, a violent noise,
my hands, they quiver and they shake,
my breathing steady and I vow
to stay the hell away from steak.