Lost in Time

Stand still beneath the glaring moon
a sense of time, much needed
as you gauge the right direction
of a world misunderstood

Careful steps toward the darkness
creeping slowly, shadows faded
as you navigate familiar faces
eyes return a look unknown

Crouch behind the leaning figure
a quick escape, chances passed
as you stumble through dimensions
for something you recognize

Stand still beneath the glaring sun
a sense of time, completed
as you gauge the right direction
of a realm misunderstood

Stolen Moments

Scribble my name in the sand, sweetheart
so it may wash away with the sea
and be permanent beneath the starlit sky
permanently asway,
when we won’t be here, beneath the pier
our favorite place to be
the salted winds across your cheeks
my tongue across your lips
stolen moments of bliss before a tip-toed trek
back to the hotel from where we met

Sudden Quietus

through the cracks a stem erupts
a green so green it brought good luck
ere’ on this day, joy danced a spry
her soul did leap, but much too high

into the winds above the trees
submerged in clouds, above the seas
bairn of Artemis, newly returned
now offspring oft mourn, hard lessons learned

aburst from stem, a bud erupts
a purple so purple it brought good luck
ere’ on this day, joy danced a spry
her soul did leap, but much too high

Riding Time

She stumbled between the sixth dimension and the reality she stole years prior
and no one was the wiser
until she found herself in a battle with herself, determined to steal her future
determined to find a way to bring him back
the one who got away

so there she stood, in the doorway of her bedroom and the underpass of the city
emotions ripping from side to side
her hand banging and throbbing in the collision of time
and without much time left
he pulled her through


Is it so bad, opting not to flee
in the face of congruent conflicts
spilling from every direction?

A shallow cry for help through
the process of abundant tears,
but the eyes stoic, cheeks Sahara dry

Nothing left within, dare a withering spark
fly openly into a realm intent on lovingly crushing
and swiping away its occupants

Brazen recognition a failed path changer,
after all, what is in the death of an old habit
without a painful challenge to shock
the heart?

Why not stir the pot?

Train Moments: 2

I tried not to notice her,
but I couldn’t help myself.
The way the blinding rays bounced off of my sunglasses eased my mind-
she couldn’t possibly see me peeping at her, wondering
what her life is beyond right now.
I watched as she finicked with her
hair; her golden hairband shimmering
in the same sunlight that gleamed from my sunglasses.
I lingered a few second more before
turning my attention to another passerby,
the same wonderment of life beyond right now.

To Stay Alive

I whistle while I work,
a way to force the wind from my lungs
into my throat
through my lips
to stay alive

I whisper when I fret,
a way to force the words from my mind
into my throat
onto my tongue
to stay alive

I whimper while I rest,
a way to force the pain from my heart
into my eyes
down my cheeks
to stay alive

I wander when I walk,
a way to force the will from my soul
into my mind
around my being
to stay alive

Train Moments: 1

She caught me staring not five seconds ago,
so of course I was suddenly very aware
that she was watching
as I awkwardly plucked a piece of pretzel
from the brown knot grasped firmly in my right hand-
the aluminum foil around it suddenly so glaring
that it could start a fire.
I shoved the doughy mass in my mouth
making sure to keep my eyes pointed straight-
not at her.
The urge to risk her seeing me
to see her
was a strong one.
I’ll look just one more time.