I’ll Stay Until I Can’t

Can I stay
and lose my mind in everything that you are
because it doesn’t take much

At some point you’ll feel it
too, the electricity
lighting up my heart so bright

But it’ll be the end of me
the day you realize your current
wasn’t permanent

Just a temporary jolt
to make you realize that what you really need
what you really want

isn’t me.

One Hundred Degrees of Heartache

I don’t think I’ll survive here

Not with this kind of weather

Sweltering heat spread

thin like jam across my cheeks

Burnt pink

A little aloe goes a long way

but won’t take the flames from

your words, which are just as hot

Salty showers soak my forehead creases

While my furrowed brow struggles

to provide shade and understanding

to my confusion

Between you and me, I’ll be gone

by tomorrow

Like the breeze, I’ll blow through

Just enough to say I was here,

But not worth chasing

Tattle Tell

I had to say it

I was bursting, my tongue thirsting

to touch palate

to form sounds and make words

Even though she warned me not too

My lips tingled, my adrenaline soared

And then he said it again

That word we’re not supposed to say

I felt my hands form rivers

Waterfalls pounded down my temples

Holding it all in

My throat ached

It hurt so bad with all those words pushing to escape

They banged against my vocal chords so hard that I needed

a big gulp of air

and when my lips peeled back

it all came out.




Its stunning
a brilliant disaster covered in
kisses and sweet nothings
A gutsy laugh from the bellows
of regret escapes his tantalizing tongue
He says all the right things
and she feels all the right ways
but honesty is fearless
bold and loud
It snakes into the cerebellum
flipping the switch on the twinges of guilt
felt during each embrace
You are not each others
but stolen time from broken commitment
Beneath the shadow  of the sun,
you sneak and sway, torturing time with lies
and smiles, unfair
while the suffocation of unreturned love
twists into the lungs of both betrothed
unbeknown to one another that they’re
dying of the same lack of breath

I’m going to say my secrets

That I find too hard to keep


Been like hell, the lies that people

Spew, to make themselves feel equal

But this is about me

About the bullshit that makes my eyes brown

See, I’m not even from this town

Hidden away is slick slur of my words from the intoxicating south

I’ve manipulated my mouth to speak with eloquence

But I’m a Georgia Peach, home of where they sweaty gospels and hospitality

Manners a formality

But in reality the babysitter will sneak a grab of your privacy

Smile to the face of your parents, a bold threat behind crooked teeth whispering murderous lies to me

But I stayed silent

Avoid the violence just act more responsibly and a sitter won’t be needed, then i could look after me

My grief is a selfish sort

Unwanting of your condolences or pity

Away with your casseroles and lasagnas

Ive no belief that my stomach is still there

Only it’s shape, much like my heart

Missing in action

Still alive somehow but barely living now

And you’ll come with your advice

Encouraged words that spark my anger