I Knew She Was A Mom

I knew she was a mom because she wore clothes that had stains in strange places.
I specifically remember the small, sort of textured, white stain streaked like a chef’s sauce perfectly along her left shoulder blade, signifying the infant she likely had awaiting her at home.
Her long brown hair was in a disheveled ponytail, just covering the edge of what looked to be a dragon tail tattoo; a reminder of her spontaneity. Her basket dangled from her forearm. In it sat two boxes of spaghetti noodles, a container of wipes, and a carton of almond milk. She leafed casually through a copy of Women’s Health Magazine as she patiently awaited her turn in line.
Her face showed calm, relaxed almost- the quick trip to the market possibly the only break she’d get that day.
I listened as she talked to the cashier during her turn to checkout. I noticed how humorously she spoke of her three year old’s obsession for pasta based dinners; how it was going to be her second pasta meal in three days. She laughed as she joked on likely returning sooner than later for more noodles before she casually strolled out of the automatic doors and into the parking lot.
Her smile still showed as she got into her van parked neatly in the closest parking spot to the store entrance.
I knew she was a mom because she was. She wore it proudly (and probably unknowingly on the back of her blue t-shirt) and she wore it well.


Crystallizing Moments: xv.

It seems as if this Crystallizing Moments series has definitely helped my writers block to such an extent that this will hopefully be the last one. I appreciate any and everyone who dropped in for a read and/or follow. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did writing them! Henceforth, there should be regular updates of titled poetry or shorts! Happy reading!!


And he struck me like a cigarette
Hard across the cheek
Shook my whole damn core
After staggering for a moment, I regained my composure
Met my eyes with his and proceeded towards him again
He caught my glide with his feet
Both of them
And gave a swift kick to the lungs
A quick clutch to my chest pushed regret to my mind
For sometime I hugged myself as I watched him bounce away unbothered
And that was the last time I approached a kangaroo

Crystallizing Moments : xiv.

I know it’s rude to stare,
but I see her over there with her
satin skirt slithering down her waist.
With each subtle sway of her hips the silky red river runs round’ her curves;
so smooth,
And I can’t help but notice how her hair dances across her shoulder to the beat,
casually sensual.
I try to disengage, but my awe struck solid.
A thin smirk eases across my lips
and she doesn’t notice…

but her boyfriend does.

Crystallizing Moments: xiii.

Sometimes I rise with the sun
My soul mate in the sky
Unbound by the rules of man
Yet loyal to being the light in the life of millions

Sometimes I rise with the sun
My best friend amongst the big blue
Sincerity in every warming ray
The heat to the cold natured without expectation

Sometimes I rise with the sun
My sister of unyielding love
Unmoved by the hatred of man
Yearning daily to shine after the full moons stretch

Crystallizing Moments: xii.

He’ll ruin you in the best ways
Leave you struggling for your breath ways
Tie his tongue into your lips ways
Sew his hands into your hips ways
Melt your heart straight through the sheets ways
Arch your back and arch your feet ways
Never even dared to fathom ways
How the hell did this all happen ways
Feeling lustful but unsure ways
Tempting lines of vice or pure ways
Keep returning back for more ways
Midnight ventures on the floor ways
Can’t believe that this is real ways
Hope he’s feeling how I feel ways

Crystallizing Moments: xi.

That moment when everyone knows you’re broken, except you
And you go along your way
Acting your heart out
Desperate not to be a burden on the already heavy folk that surround you
And it takes a while for you to realize what they’ve known all along
That when you do the things you hate just to be apart of something good
Your face, the perfect smile, is just a pseudo,
A tribute to the lonely hearted just like you
Whose days tend to start at the tip of hell and meander to the crest of its highest flame
And you’ll crack a joke, an actual funny one
Even though inside, your soul is as fragile as grandma’s china
And they know that too

Crystallizing Moments: x.

Stop it
With that longing stare
You know I’ll do whatever you say
When those milky brown eyes look my way

And you’ll do that whisper I like
The one that tickles my ear
Makes my blood linger in my naughty place
That dirty girl look sprawls across my face

Oh, how I miss you
I’ll kiss you long to show it
You shouldn’t let your lover see
the things you won’t do with her, you’re doing with me