Don’t Breathe

If you catch your breath,

your lungs will collapse

and rebuild to be less sturdy,

The air you breathe is dirty,

A toxin to the chest,

Poison in your body helps

your blood to travel faster,

Your hearts the humble master

of your brain’s survival quest,

Your eyes get bloodshot red,

The clots protest along your veins,

An instant heart attack

To stop the air flow to your brain,

So, don’t breathe



Align your toes to match her shadows
Sway your hips with her curvy waist
Haven’t you heard, Satan is a widow?
She chewed him up because she hated the taste
So tempt not her temper and bat not an eye
Dance her dance to the melodic breeze
Step by step to the tune, ending nigh
When she’ll swallow you whole with an arrogant ease

Within This Realm

It was kismet
the way the grey kissed the sky
Flush with the tears from the gods up high
The mist squeezed eagerly from the pregnant clouds
rogue drops hitchhiking on the coat tails of the wind
along the bend of the mountain tops
mist turned to sleet and fell at the feet of the
royal oaks the lined the richest banks of the
loneliest rivers
A quiver of Zeus’s breath sent a fresh gust
of scented earth shooting across the face of the planet
As the clouds slept along the edge of the heavens
peace rained heavily amongst the soil


The winds relax
I yawn and ready myself to ready the others
The fire spurs inside me, the heat
enough to push me up into the open field
of sky blue
I glance around
I am alone
Not a cloud in sight
I stretch out an arm and send a streak of warmth
towards the north
My other arm unfurls and warms up the frosty
The fire is rushing around me now, its
presence undeniable
My legs shoot from beneath me sending
my flaming rays towards remaining directions
I watch as the dewy droplets trickle down the daisies stems
scurrying before the heat absorbs them
The birds sing to me, pleased to know that
I’ve returned once more
and will continue to do so

I Am Ghost

“I’m right here
I’m not going anywhere”
I lied
My voice a mere whisper in the winder against his cheek
The breeze caused a flutter of his lashes against his tear soak pillow
Hours of sobbing lay evident on his cheeks
“I’ll always be here”
I pressed my hand against his back and watched the chill bumps
form on his arm
A whimper escaped his parted lips
and I kissed him one last time
My invisible love flooding through the air
unable to land

Liquid Courage

It burns like lava when I swallow you down
Let you meet my insides
Shake hands with my cowardice and
slick down from my heart to my feet
smoothing out the wrinkles
My lips get all crooked and my eyes a bit brighter
This golden liquid makes me rich
and I feel sure, so sure, in everything
My fingers strangle the neck
knowing that if they let go
if I let go
I’ll shrivel back down
the burn will fade the ache will return
The sharp dryness like when tears are caught in the throat
and then I’ll remember what I strive so hard
to forget

Affliction in the Alley

Just as I’ve made you, I’ll break you

he promised in her memory playing on loop

there she stood

back alley damp from a sweating sky as the nameless man from the bar tugged at the lace beneath her dress

as he pried her thighs apart, her eyes shut tight

the reel of fights sped through her mind

his fist plowing towards her face as he held her firm by the neck

breath full of boos and heart filled with coal, he’d name call

shameful how he’d blame her for all of his downfalls

You’re good for nothing…Nothing!

“…feels so good,” croaked the unfamiliar voice interrupting her past

His rapid bumping a sign of presence

her feelings lay mute