Silencing Her Soul

Just wait

Don’t wait


Don’t listen

He’s changed

He really hasn’t and you know it

Everyone deserves a second chance

Its his ninth

He didn’t mean it

He swore he did

He kissed my cheek

After he struck it

He holds my heart

He breaks your soul

If I leave he’ll kill me

If you stay you’ll die

He’s my world

He’s your problems

I can’t go

You can’t stay



He’ll find me

I’ve got you

I’m scared and I’m weak

You’re brave and you’re strong

I’m not ready

This isn’t living


Just go

I love him

Just go

I’ll miss him

Just go

I need him

Just go

I can’t


I can’t

Please, go

I’m sorry

Oh, no

Its okay, I forgive him


This time will be different




Crystallizing Moments: ii.

Scrubbing with rocks beneath the scalding hot water until my midnight skin broke.

“What are you doing?”  a voice asked, curiosity smothered in shock.

If I can just get the night off my skin, perhaps the others will rid of their hate,” I said scrunching as the steamy hot water rinsed my blood as it would’ve any other’s of any color.

I Am The Plant

I am the plant
Without option for my presence
But here none the less
Settled amongst the others, I strive to stake my place

I am the plant
Thirst quenched with water and aided bloom from the sunniest day
A young beauty no doubt
But time does pass

I am the plant
Tugged and trampled
Drenched in the tears of heavy grays swarming the sky
Emptied of my pollens by needy insects nearby to further breed more like me
The circle of life, indeed

I am the plant
Bites from bugs leave holes in my leaves
But I’ll continue to give, sprouting another stem
More supply to the demand,
though weakened from the chill that’s roused with the changing of the season

I am the plant
Cracked and crooked
Yet still somehow standing
Leaned against those closest to me
Reminders that I am not alone
That I will survive this harsh moment
And in time, feel the warm sun shine against my long leg once again

I am the plant
A survivor of all, rather in myself
Or those I leave behind

Lose Yourself

Weights on every limb
Pulled down beneath the surface
Enclosed in the deep, wide dark
Desperate for breath
Struggling to inhale
Panic sets
A racing heart
Sinking fast with no control
Eyes strained wide
Searching for an exit
Breathe damnit, just breathe
A bright film rolls
Memories fill a fading mind
Crushing lungs
The fights diminished
Succumb now to fate
A prompted slumber
I fear I’ve lost myself

Straight From the Bottle

Stick with me and you’ll never be lonely again
I’ll give you the confidence for any situation
Did you catch that scowl?
Yeah, good job, go clean your knuckles
A slick tongue makes for quick results, but a short temper spurs quicker fists
Trust me honey, my honesty is bold but no less than true
Who needs them when you’ve got me
Look out for that pole
See, I’ve got your back now and a million times over
Cast your frets to the side along with your doubts
Let’s keep this going, we’ve nothing but time
One life to live, right?
Bathroom break
You’re not looking so good
Use me as a distraction, you won’t be dizzy for long
See that stool? Go on, have a seat
It’s starting to get late now, do you know which way is home?
That’s okay honey, you can just sleep where you are
Don’t fight it
I’ll be right where you left me when you awaken


And boastful
I revel in your damning chaos
A life made most of murder
Of monstrous nightmares
Demons drenched in odious dogmas
set through curse; death as life
A private viewing of my choosing
Quenches all devilish thirsts
In the shadows, crevice of the room
And awed
Caught up in the victim and the pleasure in your dilated blues
Wisps of red streaks arch angrily toward your chin
Prey emptied and free of fluid
A slick lick of your lips signifies hunger
Still famished
And I, filled with envy,
Slip back into truth
My dark fairytale scrawled eagerly across the page


It’s the pull
The irresistible draw
Braille on the surface of the skin
You know I’m near
I’m close
Beneath your flesh flows a vibrant river of red
So enticing
So delicate
The scent emanates from miles
Piercing and eager to wound
My mouth does a slow stretch
Tongue pulled back as to not interrupt
Still as an empty sky
Carotid surrendered
Eyes shut
Both yours and mine
A gentle puncture timed to your sudden inhale
As I drank you
Drain you
Let you succumb to my greatest desire