Love is
what can’t be explained
Turns our pain into excuses that make crazy seem more sane
It’s the reason that fatigue weighs nothing more than stolen air
When that person calls, reactions quick for what? What time? And where?
Love is
feeling comfortably nude amongst a set of someone’s eyes
Giving access to the secret soul that rests along the thighs
Losing battles to ensure no wars begin nor can exist
When the signs point to resign, the heart continues to persist
Love is
everything and nothing like light in a dark nightmare
Unregretted happiness with hefty consequence to spare
It is knowing naivety in the hope of permanence
When the blood flow rushing stifles all the thoughts of common sense
Love is
the staple between two people along a beautifully chaotic life
Roused with adventures and elation inter-webbed with suddenly strife
Tests of temptation resulting awe, grief eaten ice cream topped with tears
Worth all the headache and the stitches when there’s loneliness to fear
Love is
hard to understand
It doesn’t follow rules of gender – won’t discriminate woman or man
It’s an exercise of strength and a display of truth, of soul
Argument to argument with disagreements to unroll
Love is
the attraction of the opposites who are commonly united
Sometimes wrong but often right, can’t be forgotten once it’s sighted
Unexpected returns to favours done to secure a friendship bloomed
Countless hours going sleepless, absence from a lover doomed
Love is
mistakes begged for forgiveness, made from weakness, not of truth
Forgetting wrongs and singing songs revealing charms of sonic youth
It’s of no age and found most when not being searched
Causes the heart to skip a beat, natural as birds atop a perch
Love is
kind even when it’s not
Tangled messes of unsureness of wants and almost gots
A rhythm dance that’s unrehearsed but naturally done
When the hearts of two melt through and come together to form one
Love is
painfully selfish, unfair, careless with the abundance created just to give
It is powerful, desired, hypnotic, magnetic, infused in life to live.



Oh that darling Betty

She fell back into the arms of cocaine
Cozy white powered clouds of a hallucinated world whirled throughout her veins
Where she danced atop cliff notes and b flats
And the music made her mood, hey
Her hips affixed to the sway like caramel
A dip to the down beat, light on her feet like a feather
Liquor helped her lift a little higher
Made her biceps feel a little stronger and a bit bigger
So naturally, her mouth opened wider
Her tongue slicked quick words darting without much target
All talk and taking notice she’d excuse herself from the moment
A boost required from the bathroom stall corner
White gold through the nose
A loner, big breath in then she’d fall back again
Into the arms of cocaine

Crying Wolf

He forced into me
My mind, my thoughts, my heart

my legs

Felt around every inch inside
Memorizing each thrust of selfish joy
and depleted of happiness
With nothing left to give

He scavenged, ripping down my walls
Discovering and destroying my center
Drawn blood a bonus, showed signs of rough play
“She can handle rough play”
He whispered, escaping deeper within me
My own voice weakened from unfortunate circles



Faster until his pleasure succumbed
Crashing on top of me
I can’t breathe
Him gasping in orgasmic glory


Beneath his weight, crushing
My breath, slowing
emptied out, a complete void left of me
And he walked away and never returned

neither did I


She trekked through the tall thick grass

Not knowing it was made glass

As the feeling to her limbs had been numb for years

Countless hours heaving Mother’s weight

Her youth needy

And the palms of the greedy itching for their dues 

So she pressed on

aches turned trivial overtime 

to a shelterless comparison

A frigid cold night on a bench in former years warned her well

So each day she trekked through the tall thick grass

Not knowing it was made glass

In the Deep

Into the waves you’ll toss me
Swallowed by the deep dark blue
Air no option, as you wish
A watery grave with the fishes
Because they told you I’m no good
And you listened
After years waist deep in the holes we dug
A watcher with no shovel whispered nasty nothings
Plundered miles beneath the earth to plant a hoax
To get you alone
And it worked
Unknowing, I’ll turn my back your way
Vulnerable and unaware
The voices become irrevocable truths with hands of their owns
Clasped hard around my throat
A struggle at first, weaving through those muddy tunnels
Until surface reach at last
Where you’ll see I’ve stopped fighting
One last wink from the watcher probes rage
“Say it”
You flinch
“Do it”
You cave
Up and out towards the sea
waving as I’m caught
The chill whets my soul
So I ride the tide until I sink
And become your regretful memory
The sad song of the one that got away


I’d like to be one of those people who can wear sunglasses at night, naturally because it suits my mood just right

To add a rosy touch to the horrifying sight of people not recognizing people 

sitting idle on their steeple of morals and “thou shalt nots” 

While bodies build up in the corner behind

smugly hidden in plain sight because when

they’ve no reason to fear, they’ll wear their heart on their sleeve and leave their soul in the wind

As a friend of a family friend will ensure the win and nothing’ll change

Or be noticed 

and that’s the honour of those sunglasses at night

Shielded from the dark and hidden from the light 

Uneasily swayed by the choir of voices streaming choruses of 

Truth and reality 

The same stories smeared across the screens of the teens being preened for our future

Lined up in cliques trying to figure out how their actions affect the future and fuck the past

And how the silence never lasts because someone will get fed up

Someone will stand up and demand that the lenses be crushed

Rosy or not

Cause a rose without a name would smell just as sweet 

And admitting defeat would complete the transition to truth 

The heaviest pill to swallow

So they’ll walk around with shaded eyes,

heavy with lies because it’s easier to create a disguise

Cool, calm and collected behind those moonlit lenses

Someone I’d like to be, 

but my voice is too loud


There’s nothing like thwarted love smudged across my collar

Bodacious Red

The honey eyes of my beloved gaze happily, unknowingly from the portrait hung boldly along the corridor

A stroke across my nudity prods an erasure of guilt

Aware now of the more current events

and able only to respond in vulgar adultery, again

Sweet death to my morality as my temptations smother my waist

Sounds-forbidden, yet lusted for during long nights between the subtle breaths of my consort

Absent for only a few hours more as her slumbers holds records in its depth

More than enough had, gluttony fiercest in moments of weakness

which appears like a wolf in the night of the fullest moons

Thirsty for prey while its cave holds abundance in nourishment

A shuffle from the sheets arouse an overcoming anxiety

and we scurry

Shame-filled and frustrated at the thought of another rendezvous sure to come

I make my way back to the side of my betrothed

Enamouring beauty peaceful in her stillness

Her heart growing weaker from every stolen moment she knows nothing of

and never will