A Lover’s Quarrel

Dearest Lover,
Whisper in the evening
All the ways that we make sense
Sneak away from your dear spouse
When the sun breaks above the fence
Grip your hands around my waist
Your eyes ablaze from sinful lust
Temptation worn from morn to noon
A break in your dear spouse’s trust
When feelings catch like fish to bait
A quick escape plots through your mind
It’s but an hour I will wait
Until you seek our stolen time
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
A twist and turn between the sheets
while satisfied, means not of love
It’s my betrothed that I’ve avowed
and will fulfill come push or shove
The moments shared so full of shame
though craved must come now to an end
For feelings felt cause quite the stir
The heart’s the hardest thing to mend
Though you may catch my longing glance
to steal a moment raw and wrong
A stronger will has been instilled
Lust fades away, so thus, so ‘long
Xo, Him

Dearest Lover,
What’s a goodbye without some skin exposed in coitus, pure and true
If honesty were to be pressed
I love you and you love me too
The drive to dodge is natural when two wrongs make the perfect right
Guilt breeds most fear, I understand
So we should meet when moon shows bright
A shock runs rampant through my veins
Your lingered touch so much the cause
I know that you have felt the same
Your heart fell victim to love’s laws
If it’s goodbye you still persist
Your promise false of us to come
It’s me you’ll never see again
Though easier said than will be done
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
Please understand there’s no regret
The time we’ve shared won’t be erased
My truest self had been revealed
whenever my eyes met your face
And what I feel has no real place as we had formed out of a lie
I’ll meet you where we used to go
If nothing more to say goodbye
The time will pass and you will find that in my absence you have won
You’re something special, that rings true
But me, my love, I’m not the one
Xo, Him

Dearest Love,
And so it’s true, you’ve chosen her
I guess it’s meant to be this way
But I can’t help but feel so used
After the things you used to say
The trips to sea-shell filled lost islands
and all the riches that you swore
How you said one day I’d be yours as we picked rings out at the store
More than just sex, it was each other
I know that everything was real
But now I must break my own heart and deny how you make me feel
Thank you for the best times I’ve had and the worst nights that’s sure to come
You may not feel like it right now, but know to me, you were the one
Xoxo, Her No Longer


Her Lover’s Prey Pt. III

Countless weeks spent avoiding the afternoons
weary of your invasion in the privacy of my home
in the form of an envelope like old times.
So easy, the memories of false attraction will tease me,
leaving my face stained with old tears traveled from my pathetic eyes.
Faking smiles in the presence of unwelcome company dissolves the sincerity
of any happiness foreordained in my years ahead.
Grief stricken and agitated that denial was witnessed
presiding an unknown enemy and expelled in the form of regurgitated plane food.
Hunger pains strike differently now, leftovers of your written kisses and amour
litter the floor of the sizzling fireplace;
impending nourishment found in plotting revenge sweeter than the nectar of a ripe Georgia peach.
A satisfying meal expected, as this time,
the prey is the hunter.
A peaceful slumber politely imposes for the first time in months,
while your eyes spew regret behind the shoulder of your lover
late into the night.

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Her Lover’s Prey, Pt. II

I’ve made a meal of the adoration spelled out across the pages,
Each week, the anticipation for the rush of envelopes
pushed through the slot
scurrying across the floor towards my feet, as anxious as I,
to be held in my trembling hands
Yet again, I become a victim to your confessions
With agonizing haste, my eyes make their way to the bottom,
to the end,
where my heart thuds with the knowledge of another week ahead
until the surge of endearment can once again course through my blood,
Impatient and evermore aroused simply by the scent of lavender escaping
the casing of the floral slate used as your ink canvas,
my dusty luggage becomes relevant and eager to become intimate
in the closeness of the closet walls where it once was,
Without my knowing that within hours of arrival, a buildup of regret will
erupt from my being in an explosion of tears, fears,
and a heartache so gut wrenching that actual vomit will spill upon the floor,
Succumbing to the ploy of your lover, as he gazes in amazement
at the success of sinking my soul
into the deepest depths of deception.

Her Lover’s Prey

A faint kiss sent through long distance mail whets my lips
with anticipation
Devouring every word, my eyes ravenous for its next meal
of endearment
Thus beginning the habit of a smile each time the postman arrives
His hand gripping my heart carelessly, without knowing
his control of the joy in my day
He shoves my happiness through the slot with the force
of an angry breeze
Sending a shiver to the heels of my feet, a spark of ire
courses quietly in my veins
Residing as I acknowledge, again, he knows not what he does
I fall into your message, my heart filling and spilling with each
x and o that flows as easy as the ocean
Imagining your pen scrawling with angst and lust with the thought
of my warm kisses covering the nape of your neck
While in actuality, it is the lover wrapped around your tender waist
scribbling these sweet nothings in a plot
to sink my soul.