I Am Ghost

“I’m right here
I’m not going anywhere”
I lied
My voice a mere whisper in the winder against his cheek
The breeze caused a flutter of his lashes against his tear soak pillow
Hours of sobbing lay evident on his cheeks
“I’ll always be here”
I pressed my hand against his back and watched the chill bumps
form on his arm
A whimper escaped his parted lips
and I kissed him one last time
My invisible love flooding through the air
unable to land


Final Prayer

Laying down, staring at the ceiling
Can you hear me God?
My body’s drained of all its feeling
Are you near me God?
Can’t find the place to put the blame
My heart is weary God
Won’t give me more than I can handle
Please speak more clearly God
It’s like you take more than you give
It makes me hateful God
I went through years, no place to live
And I ain’t grateful God
Spent hours crying in the closet
“Don’t let him find me God”
He choked me til’ I was close to dying
Don’t lead me blindly God
Bloodied and beaten black and blue
You watched me struggle God
Still I returned and prayed to you
I remained humble God
Walked right through fire, hell on earth
It’s never easy God
I understand you have a plan
But what’s the reason God?
For sleepless nights brought on by fear
What will it teach me God?
When all my loved ones disappeared
Who’s left to grieve me God?
Torn down from mind to both my feet
I’m merely pieces God
Depressed and accepting defeat
My will, it ceases God
That man, he’s found me once again
And so I called you God
Reminisced before the end
I’m trying to stall too God
Though I am angry, I’m not ready
Why can’t you see that God?
I’m trying daily to be better
I really mean that God
I can’t believe that this has happened
Is this all real God?
I know you’re known for your hard tests
This ones a steal though God
I’ve no more strength, I feel the sleep
It’s growing nearer God
“I pray the Lord my soul to keep”
Hello, I’m here now God


Am I the victim if I let him abuse me?

Gave ultimatums and prayed that he would choose me

Night after night he would scream, yell and then bruise me

But I still loved him and that part always confused me

Wore things he liked so that he’d want to pursue me

He’d often swear that he’d die if he’d ever lose me

And then we’d fight and he’d find reasons to accuse me 

Then buy me flowers, he always knew just how to woo me

His punching bag became his favourite way to use me

My swollen lips I’d just accepted as the new me

It all got worse as he started to black and blue me

Told me he’d put me somewhere no one could ever view me

Fear outweighed love and the rage, it overthrew me

I forced his gun to my head, urged him to shoot me

He put his hands around my neck and then he threw me

Against the floor, I cried no more as he ran through me

Life left my eyes, free from myself, I was a new me

Soul to the sky, he watched me die and whispered to me

“It’s all your fault, I would have stopped if you refused me”

Am I the victim if I let him abuse me?


And boastful
I revel in your damning chaos
A life made most of murder
Of monstrous nightmares
Demons drenched in odious dogmas
set through curse; death as life
A private viewing of my choosing
Quenches all devilish thirsts
In the shadows, crevice of the room
And awed
Caught up in the victim and the pleasure in your dilated blues
Wisps of red streaks arch angrily toward your chin
Prey emptied and free of fluid
A slick lick of your lips signifies hunger
Still famished
And I, filled with envy,
Slip back into truth
My dark fairytale scrawled eagerly across the page

In A Memory

“Who are you these days?
Besides impossible to love”
Words spewed out harsh
Taking no prisoners

Bitter tongues taste no sugar
and she learned that young
Careful in response with the
sword in her mouth

“We’ve all but changed,
just grown too cozy in this
familiar bond that once held heat”
Choking, she froze
Silence retreats

“But from all of your faults, I’ve found admiration”

Her retort spawned surprise
His attention direct
Clutching his heart as his eyes
pierced into hers
Twenty long years later and she still had a way of stopping his heart

“Forgive me, please, Love”
A faint whisper to the heavens as he crossed the room and collected
the photo
The same memory playing on loop as he paced through the house
Desperate for her impossible return


Brenda laid her head down on the pillow
Wearied from the week she’d had
Grateful that she’d seen another
Trusting in life so deceptively that her routine to wake the next morning felt sure
She found herself eyes shut tight
Breathe in, breathe out
Off into the world of interim sleep
Where she sauntered slowly across the desert
The warmth sustained comfortably low
A temperature too perfect for too long to be real
For in a dream like this, pure pleasantries trailed
And she assumed, yet again
That the routine to wake would follow shortly after
Knowing not of her slowing heartbeat to ensue a few short hours into her innocent slumber
That would trap her in this stage of solitude eternally

Til’ Death

Take my hand, let’s dance

Forget everything that’s happened

All your troubles will disperse when our feet glide across the floor

“Oh sweet Death, please don’t forsake me”

Darling, all of my plans are pure

We’ll spin and stride along the clouds and you will thank me ever more

Just close your eyes, Darling, trust me

“Sweet Death, I fear the following shadow”

Darling, its just my hidden angel peaking softly from the sky

Worry not of our short journey, for its planned for you and I

“I’m feeling a bit weak, sweet Death. Have we a moments rest?”

Why of course my dearest darling, lay your head upon my chest

Watch as we sail across the floor, at the most hastened speed

Lighter than air, we’ll float

You rest; fear not for I will lead.