Trust Issues

“It’s all yours,” she said,
her heart torn from her sleeve
and shoved into his hands.
He gave it a gentle squeeze and
she shut her
As her breath escaped her pursed lips,
eyelids still sealed,
she whispered
“Don’t kill me.”


Don’t Breathe

If you catch your breath,

your lungs will collapse

and rebuild to be less sturdy,

The air you breathe is dirty,

A toxin to the chest,

Poison in your body helps

your blood to travel faster,

Your hearts the humble master

of your brain’s survival quest,

Your eyes get bloodshot red,

The clots protest along your veins,

An instant heart attack

To stop the air flow to your brain,

So, don’t breathe


Align your toes to match her shadows
Sway your hips with her curvy waist
Haven’t you heard, Satan is a widow?
She chewed him up because she hated the taste
So tempt not her temper and bat not an eye
Dance her dance to the melodic breeze
Step by step to the tune, ending nigh
When she’ll swallow you whole with an arrogant ease

Within This Realm

It was kismet
the way the grey kissed the sky
Flush with the tears from the gods up high
The mist squeezed eagerly from the pregnant clouds
rogue drops hitchhiking on the coat tails of the wind
along the bend of the mountain tops
mist turned to sleet and fell at the feet of the
royal oaks the lined the richest banks of the
loneliest rivers
A quiver of Zeus’s breath sent a fresh gust
of scented earth shooting across the face of the planet
As the clouds slept along the edge of the heavens
peace rained heavily amongst the soil

Imaginary Quick Sand

Mama told me to go outside
and shut the door real good
so that I could play as loud as
I wanted,
but I knew she just didn’t want me
to see daddy take his hands
to her again;
make her eyes racooned again;
make his voice bark loud again;
because she keeps giving
herself bad medicine
with that needle when
he leaves to
see his lady friend.
“I don’t hear you playing,”
she yelled before slamming
the window
and chucking the vase, or picture
frame, or whatever was near,
at daddy’s head;
Something she’ll replace while she’s
wearing sunglasses
in the supermarket next time
we go out to get daddy’s favourite
I’m sorry foods.
I dig my hands into the cool mud and
pretend its quick sand.
“Pull me under,” I scream
so mama knows I’m playing
and not
to her cries and daddy’s booming

“Pull me under, quick.”

Silencing Her Soul

Just wait

Don’t wait


Don’t listen

He’s changed

He really hasn’t and you know it

Everyone deserves a second chance

Its his ninth

He didn’t mean it

He swore he did

He kissed my cheek

After he struck it

He holds my heart

He breaks your soul

If I leave he’ll kill me

If you stay you’ll die

He’s my world

He’s your problems

I can’t go

You can’t stay



He’ll find me

I’ve got you

I’m scared and I’m weak

You’re brave and you’re strong

I’m not ready

This isn’t living


Just go

I love him

Just go

I’ll miss him

Just go

I need him

Just go

I can’t


I can’t

Please, go

I’m sorry

Oh, no

Its okay, I forgive him


This time will be different