Love is
what can’t be explained
Turns our pain into excuses that make crazy seem more sane
It’s the reason that fatigue weighs nothing more than stolen air
When that person calls, reactions quick for what? What time? And where?
Love is
feeling comfortably nude amongst a set of someone’s eyes
Giving access to the secret soul that rests along the thighs
Losing battles to ensure no wars begin nor can exist
When the signs point to resign, the heart continues to persist
Love is
everything and nothing like light in a dark nightmare
Unregretted happiness with hefty consequence to spare
It is knowing naivety in the hope of permanence
When the blood flow rushing stifles all the thoughts of common sense
Love is
the staple between two people along a beautifully chaotic life
Roused with adventures and elation inter-webbed with suddenly strife
Tests of temptation resulting awe, grief eaten ice cream topped with tears
Worth all the headache and the stitches when there’s loneliness to fear
Love is
hard to understand
It doesn’t follow rules of gender – won’t discriminate woman or man
It’s an exercise of strength and a display of truth, of soul
Argument to argument with disagreements to unroll
Love is
the attraction of the opposites who are commonly united
Sometimes wrong but often right, can’t be forgotten once it’s sighted
Unexpected returns to favours done to secure a friendship bloomed
Countless hours going sleepless, absence from a lover doomed
Love is
mistakes begged for forgiveness, made from weakness, not of truth
Forgetting wrongs and singing songs revealing charms of sonic youth
It’s of no age and found most when not being searched
Causes the heart to skip a beat, natural as birds atop a perch
Love is
kind even when it’s not
Tangled messes of unsureness of wants and almost gots
A rhythm dance that’s unrehearsed but naturally done
When the hearts of two melt through and come together to form one
Love is
painfully selfish, unfair, careless with the abundance created just to give
It is powerful, desired, hypnotic, magnetic, infused in life to live.



There’s nothing like thwarted love smudged across my collar

Bodacious Red

The honey eyes of my beloved gaze happily, unknowingly from the portrait hung boldly along the corridor

A stroke across my nudity prods an erasure of guilt

Aware now of the more current events

and able only to respond in vulgar adultery, again

Sweet death to my morality as my temptations smother my waist

Sounds-forbidden, yet lusted for during long nights between the subtle breaths of my consort

Absent for only a few hours more as her slumbers holds records in its depth

More than enough had, gluttony fiercest in moments of weakness

which appears like a wolf in the night of the fullest moons

Thirsty for prey while its cave holds abundance in nourishment

A shuffle from the sheets arouse an overcoming anxiety

and we scurry

Shame-filled and frustrated at the thought of another rendezvous sure to come

I make my way back to the side of my betrothed

Enamouring beauty peaceful in her stillness

Her heart growing weaker from every stolen moment she knows nothing of

and never will


Am I the victim if I let him abuse me?

Gave ultimatums and prayed that he would choose me

Night after night he would scream, yell and then bruise me

But I still loved him and that part always confused me

Wore things he liked so that he’d want to pursue me

He’d often swear that he’d die if he’d ever lose me

And then we’d fight and he’d find reasons to accuse me 

Then buy me flowers, he always knew just how to woo me

His punching bag became his favourite way to use me

My swollen lips I’d just accepted as the new me

It all got worse as he started to black and blue me

Told me he’d put me somewhere no one could ever view me

Fear outweighed love and the rage, it overthrew me

I forced his gun to my head, urged him to shoot me

He put his hands around my neck and then he threw me

Against the floor, I cried no more as he ran through me

Life left my eyes, free from myself, I was a new me

Soul to the sky, he watched me die and whispered to me

“It’s all your fault, I would have stopped if you refused me”

Am I the victim if I let him abuse me?

Say When

I cut my heart from my sleeve and tore your soul from your chest to spare us of the heartache

Because while we desire each other, we don’t deserve each other

And to keep up the charade of plastic smiles and faulty dreams for heigntened splendor of the chemistry made between the sheets

Births an idiocracy not even we could sustain

No matter how mad the love and we are

Madly in love,

Crazy even,but everybody knows

Two crazies make too much chaos

Bad Medicine

You are like water in my lungs,
I breathe you down fast
and suffocate on all the ways you bring out the worst in me;
To go without you warrants far worse
excruciating pain spurring numbness to my limbs and
tingles to the lips with every kiss we don’t need;
Time between the sheets pour unforgettable memories
down every inch of my body
Goosebumps to your touch
Razors in my heart
And I hate you so good that I love you,
for you spark the death in me that makes me
want to live

Love Me Tender

Crush me good, baby

I like how it hurts

When my flesh breaks beneath your knuckles

And swells blue in protest

Burn me good, honey

Drag my name through the mud

Spread your lies like my legs

Though you lack my consent

Push me good, sweetie

Further away from all I know

Isolate my mind

And ensure no one can help

Kill me good, darling

Dress me with your finest ring

I’ll wear  it proud around my neck

Until my eyes seal close forever

Leaving Letters

They leaked onto the  bleached white canvas, the words he couldn’t bare to speak

His choice to leave a letter in his place, he knew it to be weak

But the croak her throat would form and tears displayed would leave him woed

“A letter left is better,” he assured himself as his pen strode

Dear Love, I’ve come to recognize in life you are my truest friend

And yet I find I must hasten our brooding love to meet its end

A drop from his cheek surprised him, falling quickly pon’ the bottom page

“Forgive me,” spilled out from his lips as he continued to engage

No more than ten minutes had passed before the page had filled with ink

He sat it there upon her chair and left before he’d time to think

And later on, tucked neath’ the sheets, he felt a morcel of regret

But then the arm of his betrothed around his waist let him forget