Silencing Her Soul

Just wait

Don’t wait


Don’t listen

He’s changed

He really hasn’t and you know it

Everyone deserves a second chance

Its his ninth

He didn’t mean it

He swore he did

He kissed my cheek

After he struck it

He holds my heart

He breaks your soul

If I leave he’ll kill me

If you stay you’ll die

He’s my world

He’s your problems

I can’t go

You can’t stay



He’ll find me

I’ve got you

I’m scared and I’m weak

You’re brave and you’re strong

I’m not ready

This isn’t living


Just go

I love him

Just go

I’ll miss him

Just go

I need him

Just go

I can’t


I can’t

Please, go

I’m sorry

Oh, no

Its okay, I forgive him


This time will be different




A Lover’s Quarrel

Dearest Lover,
Whisper in the evening
All the ways that we make sense
Sneak away from your dear spouse
When the sun breaks above the fence
Grip your hands around my waist
Your eyes ablaze from sinful lust
Temptation worn from morn to noon
A break in your dear spouse’s trust
When feelings catch like fish to bait
A quick escape plots through your mind
It’s but an hour I will wait
Until you seek our stolen time
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
A twist and turn between the sheets
while satisfied, means not of love
It’s my betrothed that I’ve avowed
and will fulfill come push or shove
The moments shared so full of shame
though craved must come now to an end
For feelings felt cause quite the stir
The heart’s the hardest thing to mend
Though you may catch my longing glance
to steal a moment raw and wrong
A stronger will has been instilled
Lust fades away, so thus, so ‘long
Xo, Him

Dearest Lover,
What’s a goodbye without some skin exposed in coitus, pure and true
If honesty were to be pressed
I love you and you love me too
The drive to dodge is natural when two wrongs make the perfect right
Guilt breeds most fear, I understand
So we should meet when moon shows bright
A shock runs rampant through my veins
Your lingered touch so much the cause
I know that you have felt the same
Your heart fell victim to love’s laws
If it’s goodbye you still persist
Your promise false of us to come
It’s me you’ll never see again
Though easier said than will be done
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
Please understand there’s no regret
The time we’ve shared won’t be erased
My truest self had been revealed
whenever my eyes met your face
And what I feel has no real place as we had formed out of a lie
I’ll meet you where we used to go
If nothing more to say goodbye
The time will pass and you will find that in my absence you have won
You’re something special, that rings true
But me, my love, I’m not the one
Xo, Him

Dearest Love,
And so it’s true, you’ve chosen her
I guess it’s meant to be this way
But I can’t help but feel so used
After the things you used to say
The trips to sea-shell filled lost islands
and all the riches that you swore
How you said one day I’d be yours as we picked rings out at the store
More than just sex, it was each other
I know that everything was real
But now I must break my own heart and deny how you make me feel
Thank you for the best times I’ve had and the worst nights that’s sure to come
You may not feel like it right now, but know to me, you were the one
Xoxo, Her No Longer

Bad Love

I was supposed to scream stop
but I didn’t
My voice wouldn’t come out because I knew you
or I thought I did
Before your fingers found my throat and wrapped around me like a coat
I was sure you’d be the father to my kid
or at least you were supposed to be
But I didn’t tell you about it because that night you came home
higher than a sky scraper
And pulled me out of bed
shoved my shirt over my head
and stole my choices from me
Ripped my heart apart like paper
and my legs
The next day I did the thing I can’t say
because for once I caught a glimpse of what the future might hold
It was clear I had to get away
The tears and the blood flowed evenly for days
and you made that comment about PMS
Threw a chocolate bar at my face
and told me to stay away
until I was useful again
My womb leaked down my legs from unborn innocence
while your lust drove you mad
Raunchy comments and crude jesters made me more than uncomfortable
But it didn’t matter as long as the sex was had
for you at least
I didn’t know it could hurt to hate someone I thought I loved
The anger was there in small doses but I’d gotten used to your punches and your shoves
Finally mustered up some liquid courage
to slur out my demands
that I was done catching the blows After you sucked that powder up your nose
you laughed and said I’d need a man
eventually anyway
and that I wasn’t going anywhere
Remember the night I packed?
You grabbed my bags right out of my hands and threw them across the room along with my body
but I still left anyway
Crept down the stairs, scared and bruised
and embraced the December wind without a sweater because you hid it that day
And I cried hard that night because I thought I missed you
because I thought I knew that those were things you wouldn’t do

When She’s Broken

She ripped the dangling piece from her chest
And stored it with the others
The fragments he’d shattered varied in size
In shape
In places broken from
She shoved the shards away, careful not to self inflict
His words were daggers but her thoughts were bullets
And it was hard to protect herself from her and him
The bits of her that remained hung crooked
Jagged edges forming her delicate frame
Scarred and scared she had pieced together her remnants
A puzzle missing pieces
And returned what was left of her to him
A target across her heart


Love is
what can’t be explained
Turns our pain into excuses that make crazy seem more sane
It’s the reason that fatigue weighs nothing more than stolen air
When that person calls, reactions quick for what? What time? And where?
Love is
feeling comfortably nude amongst a set of someone’s eyes
Giving access to the secret soul that rests along the thighs
Losing battles to ensure no wars begin nor can exist
When the signs point to resign, the heart continues to persist
Love is
everything and nothing like light in a dark nightmare
Unregretted happiness with hefty consequence to spare
It is knowing naivety in the hope of permanence
When the blood flow rushing stifles all the thoughts of common sense
Love is
the staple between two people along a beautifully chaotic life
Roused with adventures and elation inter-webbed with suddenly strife
Tests of temptation resulting awe, grief eaten ice cream topped with tears
Worth all the headache and the stitches when there’s loneliness to fear
Love is
hard to understand
It doesn’t follow rules of gender – won’t discriminate woman or man
It’s an exercise of strength and a display of truth, of soul
Argument to argument with disagreements to unroll
Love is
the attraction of the opposites who are commonly united
Sometimes wrong but often right, can’t be forgotten once it’s sighted
Unexpected returns to favours done to secure a friendship bloomed
Countless hours going sleepless, absence from a lover doomed
Love is
mistakes begged for forgiveness, made from weakness, not of truth
Forgetting wrongs and singing songs revealing charms of sonic youth
It’s of no age and found most when not being searched
Causes the heart to skip a beat, natural as birds atop a perch
Love is
kind even when it’s not
Tangled messes of unsureness of wants and almost gots
A rhythm dance that’s unrehearsed but naturally done
When the hearts of two melt through and come together to form one
Love is
painfully selfish, unfair, careless with the abundance created just to give
It is powerful, desired, hypnotic, magnetic, infused in life to live.

Crying Wolf

He forced into me
My mind, my thoughts, my heart

my legs

Felt around every inch inside
Memorizing each thrust of selfish joy
and depleted of happiness
With nothing left to give

He scavenged, ripping down my walls
Discovering and destroying my center
Drawn blood a bonus, showed signs of rough play
“She can handle rough play”
He whispered, escaping deeper within me
My own voice weakened from unfortunate circles



Faster until his pleasure succumbed
Crashing on top of me
I can’t breathe
Him gasping in orgasmic glory


Beneath his weight, crushing
My breath, slowing
emptied out, a complete void left of me
And he walked away and never returned

neither did I

In the Deep

Into the waves you’ll toss me
Swallowed by the deep dark blue
Air no option, as you wish
A watery grave with the fishes
Because they told you I’m no good
And you listened
After years waist deep in the holes we dug
A watcher with no shovel whispered nasty nothings
Plundered miles beneath the earth to plant a hoax
To get you alone
And it worked
Unknowing, I’ll turn my back your way
Vulnerable and unaware
The voices become irrevocable truths with hands of their owns
Clasped hard around my throat
A struggle at first, weaving through those muddy tunnels
Until surface reach at last
Where you’ll see I’ve stopped fighting
One last wink from the watcher probes rage
“Say it”
You flinch
“Do it”
You cave
Up and out towards the sea
waving as I’m caught
The chill whets my soul
So I ride the tide until I sink
And become your regretful memory
The sad song of the one that got away