Imaginary Quick Sand

Mama told me to go outside
and shut the door real good
so that I could play as loud as
I wanted,
but I knew she just didn’t want me
to see daddy take his hands
to her again;
make her eyes racooned again;
make his voice bark loud again;
because she keeps giving
herself bad medicine
with that needle when
he leaves to
see his lady friend.
“I don’t hear you playing,”
she yelled before slamming
the window
and chucking the vase, or picture
frame, or whatever was near,
at daddy’s head;
Something she’ll replace while she’s
wearing sunglasses
in the supermarket next time
we go out to get daddy’s favourite
I’m sorry foods.
I dig my hands into the cool mud and
pretend its quick sand.
“Pull me under,” I scream
so mama knows I’m playing
and not
to her cries and daddy’s booming

“Pull me under, quick.”


Is This Love?

She sneaked the key strokes between
quick cuddles and kisses,
her mistress unknowing she’s second
fiddle at all.
“I’ll meet you in twenty,” she texted.
Forgiveness is something she figured
would fall into place,
like nothing ever did,
but she was living on the edge,
and she couldn’t help but enjoy
the rush and thrill of
doing so much wrong,
because she always did right.
And while she was caught in her
thoughts of excuses she’d find
and the kisses she’d
steal from her  lover in due time,
he turned to her and reminded her
of her admired beauty.
She thanked him with the same
lips that spewed the lies
and tucked her silenced phone back
into her pocket,
a twinge of remorse prowling through her veins.



A Lover’s Quarrel

Dearest Lover,
Whisper in the evening
All the ways that we make sense
Sneak away from your dear spouse
When the sun breaks above the fence
Grip your hands around my waist
Your eyes ablaze from sinful lust
Temptation worn from morn to noon
A break in your dear spouse’s trust
When feelings catch like fish to bait
A quick escape plots through your mind
It’s but an hour I will wait
Until you seek our stolen time
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
A twist and turn between the sheets
while satisfied, means not of love
It’s my betrothed that I’ve avowed
and will fulfill come push or shove
The moments shared so full of shame
though craved must come now to an end
For feelings felt cause quite the stir
The heart’s the hardest thing to mend
Though you may catch my longing glance
to steal a moment raw and wrong
A stronger will has been instilled
Lust fades away, so thus, so ‘long
Xo, Him

Dearest Lover,
What’s a goodbye without some skin exposed in coitus, pure and true
If honesty were to be pressed
I love you and you love me too
The drive to dodge is natural when two wrongs make the perfect right
Guilt breeds most fear, I understand
So we should meet when moon shows bright
A shock runs rampant through my veins
Your lingered touch so much the cause
I know that you have felt the same
Your heart fell victim to love’s laws
If it’s goodbye you still persist
Your promise false of us to come
It’s me you’ll never see again
Though easier said than will be done
Xoxo, Her

Dear Lover,
Please understand there’s no regret
The time we’ve shared won’t be erased
My truest self had been revealed
whenever my eyes met your face
And what I feel has no real place as we had formed out of a lie
I’ll meet you where we used to go
If nothing more to say goodbye
The time will pass and you will find that in my absence you have won
You’re something special, that rings true
But me, my love, I’m not the one
Xo, Him

Dearest Love,
And so it’s true, you’ve chosen her
I guess it’s meant to be this way
But I can’t help but feel so used
After the things you used to say
The trips to sea-shell filled lost islands
and all the riches that you swore
How you said one day I’d be yours as we picked rings out at the store
More than just sex, it was each other
I know that everything was real
But now I must break my own heart and deny how you make me feel
Thank you for the best times I’ve had and the worst nights that’s sure to come
You may not feel like it right now, but know to me, you were the one
Xoxo, Her No Longer


There’s nothing like thwarted love smudged across my collar

Bodacious Red

The honey eyes of my beloved gaze happily, unknowingly from the portrait hung boldly along the corridor

A stroke across my nudity prods an erasure of guilt

Aware now of the more current events

and able only to respond in vulgar adultery, again

Sweet death to my morality as my temptations smother my waist

Sounds-forbidden, yet lusted for during long nights between the subtle breaths of my consort

Absent for only a few hours more as her slumbers holds records in its depth

More than enough had, gluttony fiercest in moments of weakness

which appears like a wolf in the night of the fullest moons

Thirsty for prey while its cave holds abundance in nourishment

A shuffle from the sheets arouse an overcoming anxiety

and we scurry

Shame-filled and frustrated at the thought of another rendezvous sure to come

I make my way back to the side of my betrothed

Enamouring beauty peaceful in her stillness

Her heart growing weaker from every stolen moment she knows nothing of

and never will

Without Walls

In the pit of my stomach
I feel it rise
As the truth is never easily swallowed
The bile spills out
Tormenting lies of time and company
A stinging blow to the core
Though this news isn’t new
Rather desperately denied
As naivety prompts easier living
A heart merely held together by bandages and a thread of hope
that this will be the last time I get hurt
When my walls come down

Her First Dalliance

She began to experience a range of emotions
Unsure of what was genuine or lechery
The treachery undergone caused quite the commotion
A thrill she enjoyed unexpectedly
She craved for his kiss and his hand
to entangle with hers
But failed to reason it ethically
Having never indulged in a peculiar fling
The riveting thoughts caused profuse complexity
Locking eyes with the sinister gent
sent tingles through her thighs and extremities
A devilish nod, then a whisper and into the dark
where their bodies affixed quite impressively
Caught in the moment of allure stemming lust
her conscience responded aggressively
Ignoring the voice though unsure with her choice
to satisfy her desire distressingly
She leaned into the act often arching her back
satisfaction occurring poetically
He slithered away leaving her half undressed
her thoughts clamored from her infidelity

Leaving Letters

They leaked onto the  bleached white canvas, the words he couldn’t bare to speak

His choice to leave a letter in his place, he knew it to be weak

But the croak her throat would form and tears displayed would leave him woed

“A letter left is better,” he assured himself as his pen strode

Dear Love, I’ve come to recognize in life you are my truest friend

And yet I find I must hasten our brooding love to meet its end

A drop from his cheek surprised him, falling quickly pon’ the bottom page

“Forgive me,” spilled out from his lips as he continued to engage

No more than ten minutes had passed before the page had filled with ink

He sat it there upon her chair and left before he’d time to think

And later on, tucked neath’ the sheets, he felt a morcel of regret

But then the arm of his betrothed around his waist let him forget