Is This Love?

She sneaked the key strokes between
quick cuddles and kisses,
her mistress unknowing she’s second
fiddle at all.
“I’ll meet you in twenty,” she texted.
Forgiveness is something she figured
would fall into place,
like nothing ever did,
but she was living on the edge,
and she couldn’t help but enjoy
the rush and thrill of
doing so much wrong,
because she always did right.
And while she was caught in her
thoughts of excuses she’d find
and the kisses she’d
steal from her  lover in due time,
he turned to her and reminded her
of her admired beauty.
She thanked him with the same
lips that spewed the lies
and tucked her silenced phone back
into her pocket,
a twinge of remorse prowling through her veins.




Crystallizing Moments: x.

Stop it
With that longing stare
You know I’ll do whatever you say
When those milky brown eyes look my way

And you’ll do that whisper I like
The one that tickles my ear
Makes my blood linger in my naughty place
That dirty girl look sprawls across my face

Oh, how I miss you
I’ll kiss you long to show it
You shouldn’t let your lover see
the things you won’t do with her, you’re doing with me

Leaving Letters

They leaked onto the ¬†bleached white canvas, the words he couldn’t bare to speak

His choice to leave a letter in his place, he knew it to be weak

But the croak her throat would form and tears displayed would leave him woed

“A letter left is better,” he assured himself as his pen strode

Dear Love, I’ve come to recognize in life you are my truest friend

And yet I find I must hasten our brooding love to meet its end

A drop from his cheek surprised him, falling quickly pon’ the bottom page

“Forgive me,” spilled out from his lips as he continued to engage

No more than ten minutes had passed before the page had filled with ink

He sat it there upon her chair and left before he’d time to think

And later on, tucked neath’ the sheets, he felt a morcel of regret

But then the arm of his betrothed around his waist let him forget