Her First Dalliance

She began to experience a range of emotions
Unsure of what was genuine or lechery
The treachery undergone caused quite the commotion
A thrill she enjoyed unexpectedly
She craved for his kiss and his hand
to entangle with hers
But failed to reason it ethically
Having never indulged in a peculiar fling
The riveting thoughts caused profuse complexity
Locking eyes with the sinister gent
sent tingles through her thighs and extremities
A devilish nod, then a whisper and into the dark
where their bodies affixed quite impressively
Caught in the moment of allure stemming lust
her conscience responded aggressively
Ignoring the voice though unsure with her choice
to satisfy her desire distressingly
She leaned into the act often arching her back
satisfaction occurring poetically
He slithered away leaving her half undressed
her thoughts clamored from her infidelity


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