Leaving Letters

They leaked onto the  bleached white canvas, the words he couldn’t bare to speak

His choice to leave a letter in his place, he knew it to be weak

But the croak her throat would form and tears displayed would leave him woed

“A letter left is better,” he assured himself as his pen strode

Dear Love, I’ve come to recognize in life you are my truest friend

And yet I find I must hasten our brooding love to meet its end

A drop from his cheek surprised him, falling quickly pon’ the bottom page

“Forgive me,” spilled out from his lips as he continued to engage

No more than ten minutes had passed before the page had filled with ink

He sat it there upon her chair and left before he’d time to think

And later on, tucked neath’ the sheets, he felt a morcel of regret

But then the arm of his betrothed around his waist let him forget


Without An Undo

Swimming in a silky sea of thin sheets draped loosely over my entirety,
concealing my indisposition from no one in particular,
as I am admittedly hesitant in facing my own chagrin,
my own embarrassment, to have let things get this far.
The tears are real and without hesitation abandon my person
in pursuit of comfort from the welcoming bundles of
crumpled tissues scattered beneath me.
I plead to awaken from my reality,
making deals with the demons spurring the memory
of the month prior,
leaving me nothing more than soulless and aggrieved
and still with the reminder of my mistake
growing steadily in my womb.

Occam’s Razor


Photo Credit: “Fear of Drowning” by starfishyy via DeviantArt

Caught between the complicated decisions
for better or for worse
trudging against the tide
knee-high in a sea of pro et contra
Crashed and buckled
the shore line a distant blur now
Strong blowing winds manipulate the current
dragging my rigid corpse into its eye
swallowing my air supply along with my drive to swim ahead
Suddenly the deep blue turns black
and I strive to adapt, mimicking the aquatic dance
of the limbless cold-blooded vertebrates gliding across my path
and though I fail to find my breath
the clarity is enough to send me floating to the top
my lifeless lips stuck in a smile
as the answer was obvious all along

Fast Thoughts Spur Circles

Hasty choices
I’ve no other option but to make the hasty choices
If I ignore the voices the repercussions will strike louder
Resonating with power, altering evermore the course of which I was assigned
Change is good, but unfavorable
Saddled with unexpected phenomenons, I regress back to the start
I fall apart at the thought of wrong decisions
When the options rain heavy, they storm down in each direction
With no recollection of relativity between “what if” and “should I”, my mind falls back into the pattern of a mental break down
A spasm of cerebral nerves sparking, an electric reaction to the heavy downpour of hasty choices
I’ve no other option but to make the hasty choices