Oh that darling Betty

She fell back into the arms of cocaine
Cozy white powered clouds of a hallucinated world whirled throughout her veins
Where she danced atop cliff notes and b flats
And the music made her mood, hey
Her hips affixed to the sway like caramel
A dip to the down beat, light on her feet like a feather
Liquor helped her lift a little higher
Made her biceps feel a little stronger and a bit bigger
So naturally, her mouth opened wider
Her tongue slicked quick words darting without much target
All talk and taking notice she’d excuse herself from the moment
A boost required from the bathroom stall corner
White gold through the nose
A loner, big breath in then she’d fall back again
Into the arms of cocaine


In Darkness

A heavy burden weighs in being darkness

Restricted to the shadows, a stain to the light

Creeping from the corner, I  splice over the edges of the worn trim

noticed, yet not acknowledged without fear or shame attached

a warning for bleak souls to rouse and run rampant

Spreading still, my fate eternally damned to shielding secrets expelled from petty wrath

I starve for company; all the while privy to drowning any allies in my shadow

Heroes vanish as Innocence is meat for crossfire

And yet

My presence binds natures requirement

After all, there is no rest for the wicked

Straight From the Bottle

Stick with me and you’ll never be lonely again
I’ll give you the confidence for any situation
Did you catch that scowl?
Yeah, good job, go clean your knuckles
A slick tongue makes for quick results, but a short temper spurs quicker fists
Trust me honey, my honesty is bold but no less than true
Who needs them when you’ve got me
Look out for that pole
See, I’ve got your back now and a million times over
Cast your frets to the side along with your doubts
Let’s keep this going, we’ve nothing but time
One life to live, right?
Bathroom break
You’re not looking so good
Use me as a distraction, you won’t be dizzy for long
See that stool? Go on, have a seat
It’s starting to get late now, do you know which way is home?
That’s okay honey, you can just sleep where you are
Don’t fight it
I’ll be right where you left me when you awaken


And boastful
I revel in your damning chaos
A life made most of murder
Of monstrous nightmares
Demons drenched in odious dogmas
set through curse; death as life
A private viewing of my choosing
Quenches all devilish thirsts
In the shadows, crevice of the room
And awed
Caught up in the victim and the pleasure in your dilated blues
Wisps of red streaks arch angrily toward your chin
Prey emptied and free of fluid
A slick lick of your lips signifies hunger
Still famished
And I, filled with envy,
Slip back into truth
My dark fairytale scrawled eagerly across the page


It’s the pull
The irresistible draw
Braille on the surface of the skin
You know I’m near
I’m close
Beneath your flesh flows a vibrant river of red
So enticing
So delicate
The scent emanates from miles
Piercing and eager to wound
My mouth does a slow stretch
Tongue pulled back as to not interrupt
Still as an empty sky
Carotid surrendered
Eyes shut
Both yours and mine
A gentle puncture timed to your sudden inhale
As I drank you
Drain you
Let you succumb to my greatest desire


I could feel my heart beat in my ears as my eyes swelled up with moisture
You’ve done it again
Brought me down low enough to have lunch with the devil
And yet all I can think about is how you’re feeling
About how you’re dealing after having to
tear down what’s left of me
The wooden sword you used to poke at my remains left splinters
And with every breath they penetrate deeper and deeper
Until my limbs are left numb and my tongue tingling
Itching to tell you that I’ve had enough
But all the comes out are apologies surrounded by I love yous

Without Walls

In the pit of my stomach
I feel it rise
As the truth is never easily swallowed
The bile spills out
Tormenting lies of time and company
A stinging blow to the core
Though this news isn’t new
Rather desperately denied
As naivety prompts easier living
A heart merely held together by bandages and a thread of hope
that this will be the last time I get hurt
When my walls come down