Her Lover’s Prey Pt. III

Countless weeks spent avoiding the afternoons
weary of your invasion in the privacy of my home
in the form of an envelope like old times.
So easy, the memories of false attraction will tease me,
leaving my face stained with old tears traveled from my pathetic eyes.
Faking smiles in the presence of unwelcome company dissolves the sincerity
of any happiness foreordained in my years ahead.
Grief stricken and agitated that denial was witnessed
presiding an unknown enemy and expelled in the form of regurgitated plane food.
Hunger pains strike differently now, leftovers of your written kisses and amour
litter the floor of the sizzling fireplace;
impending nourishment found in plotting revenge sweeter than the nectar of a ripe Georgia peach.
A satisfying meal expected, as this time,
the prey is the hunter.
A peaceful slumber politely imposes for the first time in months,
while your eyes spew regret behind the shoulder of your lover
late into the night.

If you haven’t already, feel free to check out the first two parts of this mini-series Her Lover’s Prey & Her Lover’s Prey Pt. II


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