Her Lover’s Prey

A faint kiss sent through long distance mail whets my lips
with anticipation
Devouring every word, my eyes ravenous for its next meal
of endearment
Thus beginning the habit of a smile each time the postman arrives
His hand gripping my heart carelessly, without knowing
his control of the joy in my day
He shoves my happiness through the slot with the force
of an angry breeze
Sending a shiver to the heels of my feet, a spark of ire
courses quietly in my veins
Residing as I acknowledge, again, he knows not what he does
I fall into your message, my heart filling and spilling with each
x and o that flows as easy as the ocean
Imagining your pen scrawling with angst and lust with the thought
of my warm kisses covering the nape of your neck
While in actuality, it is the lover wrapped around your tender waist
scribbling these sweet nothings in a plot
to sink my soul.


8 thoughts on “Her Lover’s Prey

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