Crystallizing Moments: viii.

Come on
You’re doing it again
Letting him talk to you like that
You’re not useless
And you are beautiful
Toughen up that inner ninja
You promised you wouldn’t let it happen like this again
No more excuses for him
No more stocking up on bandages and peroxide, telling yourself it’s just for the first aid kit
The bruises are there,
Overthrowing your heart,
and now you’re living on fear and pain
You can’t do that anymore
You promised

You promised.


The Promise Of Tomorrow

The only constant he knows is change,
all matters of before critically varied
just as no day replays the same.
He’s learned the reliability of time;
tuned to chameleon tendencies.
No surrounding too new for his becoming
lest fooled by the creatures he walks among;
a sly tongue, his crippling fear.
For the chance of being unprepared
is not desired, not ideal;
a glance to his watch fastened tight
reminded that his trust is still relevant;
that tomorrow promises an alternative to now
and grants yesterday a fog,
a blurred out memory cached deep into a crevice in the lump of noodles occupying the top of his form,
and for that he’s always thankful.