Love is
what can’t be explained
Turns our pain into excuses that make crazy seem more sane
It’s the reason that fatigue weighs nothing more than stolen air
When that person calls, reactions quick for what? What time? And where?
Love is
feeling comfortably nude amongst a set of someone’s eyes
Giving access to the secret soul that rests along the thighs
Losing battles to ensure no wars begin nor can exist
When the signs point to resign, the heart continues to persist
Love is
everything and nothing like light in a dark nightmare
Unregretted happiness with hefty consequence to spare
It is knowing naivety in the hope of permanence
When the blood flow rushing stifles all the thoughts of common sense
Love is
the staple between two people along a beautifully chaotic life
Roused with adventures and elation inter-webbed with suddenly strife
Tests of temptation resulting awe, grief eaten ice cream topped with tears
Worth all the headache and the stitches when there’s loneliness to fear
Love is
hard to understand
It doesn’t follow rules of gender – won’t discriminate woman or man
It’s an exercise of strength and a display of truth, of soul
Argument to argument with disagreements to unroll
Love is
the attraction of the opposites who are commonly united
Sometimes wrong but often right, can’t be forgotten once it’s sighted
Unexpected returns to favours done to secure a friendship bloomed
Countless hours going sleepless, absence from a lover doomed
Love is
mistakes begged for forgiveness, made from weakness, not of truth
Forgetting wrongs and singing songs revealing charms of sonic youth
It’s of no age and found most when not being searched
Causes the heart to skip a beat, natural as birds atop a perch
Love is
kind even when it’s not
Tangled messes of unsureness of wants and almost gots
A rhythm dance that’s unrehearsed but naturally done
When the hearts of two melt through and come together to form one
Love is
painfully selfish, unfair, careless with the abundance created just to give
It is powerful, desired, hypnotic, magnetic, infused in life to live.