Oh that darling Betty

She fell back into the arms of cocaine
Cozy white powered clouds of a hallucinated world whirled throughout her veins
Where she danced atop cliff notes and b flats
And the music made her mood, hey
Her hips affixed to the sway like caramel
A dip to the down beat, light on her feet like a feather
Liquor helped her lift a little higher
Made her biceps feel a little stronger and a bit bigger
So naturally, her mouth opened wider
Her tongue slicked quick words darting without much target
All talk and taking notice she’d excuse herself from the moment
A boost required from the bathroom stall corner
White gold through the nose
A loner, big breath in then she’d fall back again
Into the arms of cocaine


Kindergarten Stuff

Its not sharing if you steal it first

Taking what you please

and setting a timer

Boundaries even

Scheduling visits with limits

Racking up rules for my own property

with no condolence in my loss

Just fees and absentee reminders that

your greater numbers pose a threat to my sucker-punched kin 

and that 

big hearts experience big loss but gain greater success

as a big voice expels after much deliberation


When joint custody is no longer satisfying enough 

and I take back what was mine all along

A receipt to ensure no memory loss imprints:

It’s not sharing if you steal it first.

Admittedly Piqued

If you haven’t guessed it yet
I’m a controversial sort
often blaring out all the problems most try vainly to ignore
I speak out for the poor
the shamed and those scared
the weak and dragged along
those least of all prepared

Because once the broken down was me
I felt like nobody
could help or would believe that I was someone worthy enough to see
But that’s the past and here I stand
My words my voice
and I demand
the answers to all of the ignorance
infiltrating this land

Who are we to judge whats right?
who lives today or dies tonight?
You can see now that I’m angry
and its sparked my need to write
Yes, I know it’s an eternal fight
finding the balance to good and evil,
but it doesn’t mean I’ll quit
The injustice is way too lethal

The deceitful will be revealed
The innocent, forgiving
Peace is what makes the world go round’
Not the violence we live in

I’m fed up.