Staring into space

Waiting to be remembered

Mobile on the ceiling

Spinning into dust

Walls the separator

White gold strewn on the table

Leaned awkward on the stranger

For whom there is no trust

A plea heard from the distance

Of babbles, a faint  scream

Reality that there’s others

A temporary dream

Lost lives are a misfortune

Mistakes, a lesson learned

Withdrawal  begs  a relapse

Addiction is forewarned




Oh that darling Betty

She fell back into the arms of cocaine
Cozy white powered clouds of a hallucinated world whirled throughout her veins
Where she danced atop cliff notes and b flats
And the music made her mood, hey
Her hips affixed to the sway like caramel
A dip to the down beat, light on her feet like a feather
Liquor helped her lift a little higher
Made her biceps feel a little stronger and a bit bigger
So naturally, her mouth opened wider
Her tongue slicked quick words darting without much target
All talk and taking notice she’d excuse herself from the moment
A boost required from the bathroom stall corner
White gold through the nose
A loner, big breath in then she’d fall back again
Into the arms of cocaine

Spinning Bottles

I’ll spill my deepest secrets

Flaunt my fragrance down your throat and choke out your cravings

Let my golden river crawl down your skin so slowly and numb you down like novacaine

Silky slumber coats your veins, blood thinning as I intervene

Warm bodies breed warm bodies and I’ll cradle you, steady, in my eager arms

Hollow you out, fill you with myself until you spill over in a concoction of bold truth

Empty soul in the end, like the bottom of a bottle 


My veins are fiending for you, strong

Strung out on your absence

Drench my throat with that familiar burn and stir up my balance

My body memorized by your lyric like flow

Play your song in me

Your splendid hazel mix blasting my being in a frenzy of the chaos desired

Savoured from the neck down

Beads raced to meet my chin as you warm my shell

Oh the memory

Swallow me in your world of fluidity; as I thirst to be craved

As much as you




Just Say When

Its been twenty-four hours
that we’ve been together,
Under strict supervision
she’d pass me on to others,
gripping me tightly when returned;
Less full than before
but still relevant,
We roamed the streets
in a stupor, walking towards
nowhere on the coldest
night of summer,
Her, stealing a swig
from my lips
quenching the thirst of
her gnawing depression,
coddling me nearest her heart
beneath the blanket of
flannel hanging loosely
over her broad shoulders;
a match made in heaven,
she’d struggle to cope;
her day was long and full
of failure,
a strain in her throat from
choking back the tears and screams
pursuing a vocal peak,
and I’d soothe her;
slipping my golden tongue
into her welcoming mouth,
Her shoulders would drop
and she’d embrace me,
hug me so close to her heart
and promise to never let me go
no matter how much
I was killing her,
no matter how much I ruined
her life.