In the Deep

Into the waves you’ll toss me
Swallowed by the deep dark blue
Air no option, as you wish
A watery grave with the fishes
Because they told you I’m no good
And you listened
After years waist deep in the holes we dug
A watcher with no shovel whispered nasty nothings
Plundered miles beneath the earth to plant a hoax
To get you alone
And it worked
Unknowing, I’ll turn my back your way
Vulnerable and unaware
The voices become irrevocable truths with hands of their owns
Clasped hard around my throat
A struggle at first, weaving through those muddy tunnels
Until surface reach at last
Where you’ll see I’ve stopped fighting
One last wink from the watcher probes rage
“Say it”
You flinch
“Do it”
You cave
Up and out towards the sea
waving as I’m caught
The chill whets my soul
So I ride the tide until I sink
And become your regretful memory
The sad song of the one that got away


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