I’d like to be one of those people who can wear sunglasses at night, naturally because it suits my mood just right

To add a rosy touch to the horrifying sight of people not recognizing people 

sitting idle on their steeple of morals and “thou shalt nots” 

While bodies build up in the corner behind

smugly hidden in plain sight because when

they’ve no reason to fear, they’ll wear their heart on their sleeve and leave their soul in the wind

As a friend of a family friend will ensure the win and nothing’ll change

Or be noticed 

and that’s the honour of those sunglasses at night

Shielded from the dark and hidden from the light 

Uneasily swayed by the choir of voices streaming choruses of 

Truth and reality 

The same stories smeared across the screens of the teens being preened for our future

Lined up in cliques trying to figure out how their actions affect the future and fuck the past

And how the silence never lasts because someone will get fed up

Someone will stand up and demand that the lenses be crushed

Rosy or not

Cause a rose without a name would smell just as sweet 

And admitting defeat would complete the transition to truth 

The heaviest pill to swallow

So they’ll walk around with shaded eyes,

heavy with lies because it’s easier to create a disguise

Cool, calm and collected behind those moonlit lenses

Someone I’d like to be, 

but my voice is too loud


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