Home Cookin’

I’d like to share a recipe that’s been passed down for years

One not written down on paper but passed down from ear to ear

Ingredients so easy to find, like we were practically born with them

So whip out your best bowl and spoon and I’ll tell you what it is we’re mixing

A cup of patience, ripe with understanding- to make it easier to spread

One large heart, softened not stiff, to balance out thoughts from the head

Speaking  of head, one filled with brains. It helps the flavour taste more bold

A pair of lips to end the silence of the weary and those “too old”

A couple eyes, not just for flare, but to expand truth by witness- not solely tongue

A pinch of humor makes it all easier to swallow, but not too much or it’ll taste all wrong

A teaspoon of sugar because a little sweet can go a long way

And half a teaspoon of spices ensures no foolery at play

Mix well, no clumps should be leftover. Smoothen out, should be quite thick

If it’s too runny, add some flower-  it helps especially when you’re sick

Best served cool.











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