I Am The Plant

I am the plant
Without option for my presence
But here none the less
Settled amongst the others, I strive to stake my place

I am the plant
Thirst quenched with water and aided bloom from the sunniest day
A young beauty no doubt
But time does pass

I am the plant
Tugged and trampled
Drenched in the tears of heavy grays swarming the sky
Emptied of my pollens by needy insects nearby to further breed more like me
The circle of life, indeed

I am the plant
Bites from bugs leave holes in my leaves
But I’ll continue to give, sprouting another stem
More supply to the demand,
though weakened from the chill that’s roused with the changing of the season

I am the plant
Cracked and crooked
Yet still somehow standing
Leaned against those closest to me
Reminders that I am not alone
That I will survive this harsh moment
And in time, feel the warm sun shine against my long leg once again

I am the plant
A survivor of all, rather in myself
Or those I leave behind


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