Straight From the Bottle

Stick with me and you’ll never be lonely again
I’ll give you the confidence for any situation
Did you catch that scowl?
Yeah, good job, go clean your knuckles
A slick tongue makes for quick results, but a short temper spurs quicker fists
Trust me honey, my honesty is bold but no less than true
Who needs them when you’ve got me
Look out for that pole
See, I’ve got your back now and a million times over
Cast your frets to the side along with your doubts
Let’s keep this going, we’ve nothing but time
One life to live, right?
Bathroom break
You’re not looking so good
Use me as a distraction, you won’t be dizzy for long
See that stool? Go on, have a seat
It’s starting to get late now, do you know which way is home?
That’s okay honey, you can just sleep where you are
Don’t fight it
I’ll be right where you left me when you awaken


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