Poetic Bust

A sprinkle of poems I’ve rendered incomplete & mostly horrible, but by no means a secret. What fun is it to put out only my best work? Enjoy…or not 🙂

I’m as fluid as the lies I tell
Its water under the bridge
At least for me it is

I’ll whisper those clichéd sweet nothings
Melt your heart and dry your tears
Steal away your deepest pains
Replace them with your greatest fear
Con you into real emotion
Sew your heart upon your sleeve
Ensure you of my devotion
To see that you’ll never leave

3]. Bon Appetit
Cut throat agony
Watching from the corner
Your beady eye scanning the room
Anticipating a rival
Yet you notice not the rival in me until we meet in the middle
A dare to make the first move threatened mutually
Quick, a swift slip to the hip
my fork drawn barely seconds before your own
You walked away, defeated, ogling the chocolate delicacy being shoveled between my lips
Bon appetit

Where do I start if not from where I left
As the habit of completion feeds my motives to push on
I learned from movies that quitters make it as far as the length of the nails
As a lack of effort destines failure
So here I find myself again
Back where I’ve started once before
But a newly done manicure ensures I’m in it for the long haul

5]. Easy Lies
Have you a second, kind Sir
To spare for a poor gent as I
Pockets empty, feet bare
But a bold mind makes me rich
I couldn’t help but notice a smudge showing on your watch
I happen to know exactly how to rid you of such an eyesore
Oh, don’t you worry Sir
I’ll have it back to you this time tomorrow


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