The More You Know

The senseless acts define
your crazy,
and the moment your eyesight
starts to go hazy
and all star crossed,
the voices start and your hands
start moving;
and you know what they say about crazy hands,
crazy don’t play fair;
and when your minds only mission
is set for destruction,
Unintentionally lacking regard for the results or execution,
just the ending which often leaves you in a state of
“Did I just…?” ,
It is then that the guilt creeps in;
A peek around the room and the
unfamiliar places look a lot like
the ones you frequent most,
With the same folks you’ve rendered all you have,
And there they’ll sit,
startled and shaken,
Watching your crazy with compassionate eyes,
As their crazy had shown just hours before,
lucky to have been without an audience;
And if there’s nothing else,
you’ll learn that crazy is more common than you know.


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