Headed To Before

It was that time of year again
when we’d all crowd in the car
Smiling looney cause we knew
we wouldn’t make it very far
without laughing
The best memories of our lives
on repeat, spilled aloud in forms
of stories spurred by songs sent
blasting from the speakers
Ten miles in
and my sister gave into sleep like she always did
The jokes kept going and the wheels kept turning
Twenty more miles in
Bohemian Rhapsody flowed
in all pitches from all five
of our voice boxes
Destination: wherever we’d land,
cause our best trips were never planned
and all we’d needed, all we’d desired
were the memories akin to the years prior
Thirty more miles in
Four bathroom breaks later
and fatigue of the road invaded as a groan, a sign that all good things had to come to an end
Smiles had marked the miles,
without regret, we drove on
Eighty more miles in
the gas tank nearly depleted of its latest refill,
a room booked for the night just a few miles out
Home would be there tomorrow
But there’d been no guarantee that we’d all be
Two miles remained
A countdown timed out by the mesmerizing voice of Aretha
demanding the same respect that
we shared amongst ourselves
We pulled into the parking lot crooning a chorus of
The engine cut
Our bodies yearned for a nights rest
But our hearts beat for more time
As the news we had learned before had left us all nothing more than nostalgic


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