In A Memory

“Who are you these days?
Besides impossible to love”
Words spewed out harsh
Taking no prisoners

Bitter tongues taste no sugar
and she learned that young
Careful in response with the
sword in her mouth

“We’ve all but changed,
just grown too cozy in this
familiar bond that once held heat”
Choking, she froze
Silence retreats

“But from all of your faults, I’ve found admiration”

Her retort spawned surprise
His attention direct
Clutching his heart as his eyes
pierced into hers
Twenty long years later and she still had a way of stopping his heart

“Forgive me, please, Love”
A faint whisper to the heavens as he crossed the room and collected
the photo
The same memory playing on loop as he paced through the house
Desperate for her impossible return


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