Crusade of the People


Photo Credit: Rich Vs Poor art series by Pawel Kuczynski

There’s a massacre a’brewing,
shelters built protect the sturdy,
forcing those of a fragile nature directly in the line fire.
All their loved ones pressed to viewing
blood shed, murder; without mercy
executions coat the hands trusted by the slain ten seconds prior.
Survivors fed fallacious stories
based on higher up incentives,
aware their actions result in safety for themselves and those they chose.
Highly praised for violent glories,
indoctrinate plans growing extensive,
weary captives come together with intent to overthrow.
Aptly brooding, those in power
sense the danger fated ahead,
conceal themselves in the pelt of the commons trying to blend with those oppressed.
Counting down to the last hour,
woven taut as if with thread
no longer voiceless victims hiding, they stand tall in their protest.


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