Letter To The Law

Dear Officer,
You cuffed a guilty man last night
I obeyed, you read my rights
Looked past the crowd towards my wife
‘cause bad decisions often lead to death, a bullet in the night
All my actions stem from my childhood, all alone I had to fight
See, my dad was a jailbird kingpin and my mom was a slave to drugs
Never destined for success, my manly ways I learned from thugs
All I wanted was a hug, someone to show me true compassion
Instead I learned to carry nines and blast em off,
sent bullets crashin’,
Running rampant through the alley ways with stuff the wasn’t mine;
hiding snitches in the bushes prayin’ “Dear God, that’s the last time”
and then I finally got a sign,
Smartened up as I got older
All my crew I used to run with started giving the cold shoulder
Sayin’ I was not a soldier,
that this lifestyle wasn’t for me;
Though it was true, that didn’t stop my family from getting hungry
I was in it for the money
The street life seemed to pay,
each night I worried if I’d live to even see another day
All of the bills just stacked up higher,
oil don’t mix too well with fire
Tried like hell to find an honest way and stop being a liar,
but when fifty grams makes two months rent and one more week of heat and water,
There’d be no question, I would take the job; delivered the full order
I was my family’s supporter
It’s survival of the fittest
If the streets don’t teach you nothing else, live life likes it’s a business
And I’ve asked for my forgiveness
Sorted out my rights and wrongs
written letters to my brothers telling them they don’t belong
in any of the gangs or crews that try to sway them with the song
that street life is the real life,
live long and prosper, just stay strong
I knew that lesson all along
and I regret the things I’ve done
as every action has a consequence, I am no father to my son
Ain’t it funny how history repeats itself in time
just like my pops, my absence takes its toll on my son’s mind
Each granted night I pray he’ll make the choices that I wouldn’t make
Succeed further than this city
before his life, the streets will take
The Inmate


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