Til’ Death

Take my hand, let’s dance

Forget everything that’s happened

All your troubles will disperse when our feet glide across the floor

“Oh sweet Death, please don’t forsake me”

Darling, all of my plans are pure

We’ll spin and stride along the clouds and you will thank me ever more

Just close your eyes, Darling, trust me

“Sweet Death, I fear the following shadow”

Darling, its just my hidden angel peaking softly from the sky

Worry not of our short journey, for its planned for you and I

“I’m feeling a bit weak, sweet Death. Have we a moments rest?”

Why of course my dearest darling, lay your head upon my chest

Watch as we sail across the floor, at the most hastened speed

Lighter than air, we’ll float

You rest; fear not for I will lead.


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