Have mercy on me for I have sinned
and fallen for that tight skirt girl,
High heels an inch away from reaching the heavens,
breast molded in pure perfection,
And I won’t lie,
it was pure lust that drew me in so heavily,
And I did stare,  boy did I stare
at how her hips swayed with the breeze,
A whistle slipped from out my mouth into the air and she did hear,
Her lip frowned up and eyes grew wide,
Disdain showed with a hint of fear,
But my, oh my, was she a fox,
Walking sex,
Her body like sugar; sweeter than honey,
And though I know not of her mind,
I’m sure it’s there,
But please have mercy,
for all I saw
were the voluptuous curves of that tight skirt girl.





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