For The Sake Of Sanity

Tell me of your troubled past,
your deepest thoughts nibbling at the existence of your psyche;
reveal to me your incubus in tedious detail and expose
your inner demons, your turmoil shadowing your every trot
on the beaten path laid before the soles of your nimble feet,
Trust me
with your vital secrets deemed for the grave
and betray the overwhelming feeling of doom you’ve gathered to be
destined for you and you alone,
Indulge me with your progressive misery;
the lies you’ve fashioned to protect your false pretense
of reality to further mold your lack of ambition,
In constant pursuit for a place of blame for each
mistake carefully chosen to dictate your dwindling
Lay down upon me your heaviest burdens doused
in all things sinister,
for my pages shall not judge.


5 thoughts on “For The Sake Of Sanity

  1. I had to reread this one and I must say there’s much depth of care in speaker’s request but then again perhaps it’s not so much care but rather an affinity for emotion exploration… are we really capable of being non-judgemental? not so convinced 🙂

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    • I can say with surety that most are incapable of not passing judgement, whether it be subconsciously or blatant. One of the gems in this piece is that though the pages ensure complete secrecy and trust, they’ve no absolute control of whose eyes will actually fall upon any words written. Its simply the speakers agonizing desire to empty their miseries and/or what-have-you to relieve their stress. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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