Her Final Waltz

She found solace in the Waltz of death,
a dance far more perplexing than she could fathom;
and still she grasped the deep black cloak by waist
and palm,
leading her fate at a pace she preferred.
A one-handed spin played much pain on her wrists
and still she grasped firm on the bony frame of her taker.
A dip and a turn quite challenged her strength
and still she stood tall facing her darkness with poise.
Her fatigue grew immensely,
so tired she felt,
finally accepting the moment to rest.
Once more she glided within the walls of the invisible
box beneath her feet before collapsing in the arms of her partner
just as the music faded.


3 thoughts on “Her Final Waltz

  1. So, I’m scouring my blog feed (I only keep the best) and clicked on this one without seeing who the writer was. (I don’t pay much attention unless I’m piqued.) Now, as you may well know, not everyone is an explosive talent and I don’t set my expectations high even though I like to think I have some of the best writers in my feed.
    The title lured me in quickly and I began to read, then imagined as the words guided the scene. Halfway through, I got goosebumps and then the last six lines rose to a crescendo. I was smiling and feeling it, feeling the depth, the life of the author’s thoughts. I scrolled back up, wondering, ” Who wrote this?” And then I seen your name. Hahaha! Of course it was you!
    (I hold you in high esteem, so the surprise was gone from me but never the adoration of how well you weave your words.) Standing Ovation! Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t even know how to thank you for such a high praise! Seriously, I’m blushing like a school girl who walked into the boys locker room after football practice!! This is a very personal piece and tugged roughly at my emotions as I wrote. I’m so glad that you were able to indulge in my mind and enjoy the few seconds in which you were submersed! You’re the greatest!

      Liked by 1 person

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