Again With the Literary Clique

A few unnamed pieces that needed a group home, so to speak.

I stuffed my life into three boxes,
changed the locks on all the doors,
emptied out the hallway closets,
tossed the lit match on the floor,
hurried to my packed car waiting,
looked back just in time to see,
flames exploding and creating
ash of all my history.

Whats the sense in running
when your legs are made of steel?
You’ll get no where fast, my dear
and tire out before your problems catch up,
You say you’ve no support
For the problems that exist
But I’ve been here all along, my dear
Waiting patiently, content, inside your mind
Reminding you that you haven’t been alone for a long time

Combed over in exhaustion,
his eyes burned from deprivation,
the rest he craved wouldn’t be found,
as the need to survive weighed more dire.
Late nights overdosed on caffeine
diluted with sugars and creams;
a shaky diet left him frail and sickly,
often attacked by the germs of the gents he came into contact with.
Unguided advice from strangers for options awakened an anger he hadn’t faced since he’d made his first bad choice.
Sun up,
Sun down,
he revisited the place he hated;
the only place that offered him a chance to survive long enough to let himself live.

It can’t be helped
The way she loves me
I’m all she’s got after all
She means well
And I hear others whisper
Telling her that one day I’m going to leave her
Telling her that I’m no good
Sneaking in the lies that I’ll betray her
blur her vision and skew her thoughts
in between each kiss we share
they stare
gawking in disbelief that its been years
In awe of our loyalty to one another
Down to every drop
I just hope she realizes more sooner than later
That I can be trusted much less than the percentage printed on my label


9 thoughts on “Again With the Literary Clique

  1. Idea: Have you thought about using these as writing prompts?
    They’re great and get the creative juices flowing. Each kick-started a world of stories for me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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