Occam’s Razor


Photo Credit: “Fear of Drowning” by starfishyy via DeviantArt

Caught between the complicated decisions
for better or for worse
trudging against the tide
knee-high in a sea of pro et contra
Crashed and buckled
the shore line a distant blur now
Strong blowing winds manipulate the current
dragging my rigid corpse into its eye
swallowing my air supply along with my drive to swim ahead
Suddenly the deep blue turns black
and I strive to adapt, mimicking the aquatic dance
of the limbless cold-blooded vertebrates gliding across my path
and though I fail to find my breath
the clarity is enough to send me floating to the top
my lifeless lips stuck in a smile
as the answer was obvious all along


2 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor

    • This piece is just a provoker, encouraging the readers to recognize the obvious solution to whatever is causing them turmoil.
      Sometimes we drown ourselves searching for an answer, only realizing too late that it was in our face all along; Occam’s Razor. 🙂

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