The Best Bad Luck

A stretch of shadows, gloom and eerie, nestled in a mound of waste
Lay a lamp of gold so costly, a straying eye had found its place
Uncertain of how such a find could wind up in a ghostly space
His greed betided thus inclined he swiped the lamp in firm embrace
Smothered beneath a cloak of hemp, he strolled beneath a bridge so bleak
Paranoia set, curiosity tempt as he peeled back the oil-stained sheath
Placed upon a rocky base a fog escaped and caused a squeak
Out poured a genie dressed in lace, a thundered voice demanded “Speak”
A tremble first, his mouth agape, the man stood shocked and full of fear
The genie floated from the lamp and spoke again, “Can you not hear?”
Shaking still, his palms so damp, his head did nod, more sweat appeared
“Then ask of me three things you wish,” the genie said as he drew near
Feet cemented with plenty fright the man began to contemplate
For it was on this very night the man had no food for his plate
“I wish to never starve again,” he mustered up to hear his fate
“Your wish be granted,” the genie began, “for you’ve two wishes left to state.”
Again the man thought deep and hard as such a chance was so far left
“I wish to have a million riches,” he gleamed aloud and puffed his chest
Unmoved by such a common ask, “Your wish be granted, last request.”
Once again glutton arose, not that of food, this must be pressed
“I wish to have infinite wishes,” the man bellowed, eyes wide with avarice
“Be warned that which you ask is heavy in invariable consequence,”
Sure that he’d undo it with a wish, the man pushed on with confidence
“Worry not, I’ve stewed a plan” he uttered full of pompousness
With no remark, a swoop and placed into the lamp in consonance.


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