Such Sweet Indulgence

There he goes wielding that weapon in his hand; crazy eyes dazzling from across the room.
He licks his lips.
The excess drool escapes and puddles to the floor, but his eyes never veer as he edges closer.
He inhales deeply, sucking in every atom wafting from my presence.
I have no response and it baffles him not, as his trajectory doesn’t changed.
Finding himself hunched over me, little to no space remains.
Delicate drops of perspiration glaze the wrinkles where his heinous smile meets his ears.
He raises his arms, his hand gripping tight around the metallic pronged object aiming directly at my being.
His attack is fierce, more brutal than usual.
With a few quick moves, he devours me and returns to his chair to revel in the richness
of my chocolatey guts smothering his face.
The fate of chocolate cake.


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