Professing To The Deep

Engaged in the commotion of the slamming of the ocean
against the shoreline,
time slips into slow motion
as I dwell on the emotions,
tripping on the fatal notion
that the end is drawing near
and I am left with the misfortune
to decide
why is that I live to contradict myself
and lie
to protect the fallacies developed for the sake
that I
am no better than the fabric of my sweater,
going for the extra measure just to outlive this bad weather,
life is treasure,
but I’ve ruined the pleasure of seizing moments passing by,
I’ve gotten better but still surrender to the promptings of the sly,
giving away my full self stupidly and then wishing for my demise,
bad habits know no better home than what I willingly provide,
retreating back to the same patterns that I can’t just brush aside
and I am split on the inside;
two halves, much like Jekyll and Hyde
these complications ripple through me, feelings no substance could disguise
and so I’ll wash myself away with the high rising of the tide.


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