Unrequited Amour


Photo Credit: “Heart Break” by thefreshdoodle via DeviantArt

A deep inhale over the golden canopy intricately twisted
around your debonair crown, the few wisps that managed
to abscond confinement reach, impuissant, for the mustering breeze.
Tu sens comme la lavande.
Breathy whispers crawl towards your avid ears, lips moist with
vehemence. Racy confessions sends a rill of adrenaline down
your arching spine as we cave into the form of one other.
Mon amour, tu es mon coeur…
You silence me with your mouth, the delicate dance of your
tongue with mine dictating my silence. Separated by the thick
fabric covering our nudity, frustrations intensify. You tug at the
rim of my jeans, prominently denied for actuality is illusory.
Je peux t’avoir
I gaze at your luminescence as you cradle the fingers of my
brother, incessantly prodding my insides that overflow with
envy and devastation knowing that you will never be mine.
Je t’aime, jamais.


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