Just Say When

Its been twenty-four hours
that we’ve been together,
Under strict supervision
she’d pass me on to others,
gripping me tightly when returned;
Less full than before
but still relevant,
We roamed the streets
in a stupor, walking towards
nowhere on the coldest
night of summer,
Her, stealing a swig
from my lips
quenching the thirst of
her gnawing depression,
coddling me nearest her heart
beneath the blanket of
flannel hanging loosely
over her broad shoulders;
a match made in heaven,
she’d struggle to cope;
her day was long and full
of failure,
a strain in her throat from
choking back the tears and screams
pursuing a vocal peak,
and I’d soothe her;
slipping my golden tongue
into her welcoming mouth,
Her shoulders would drop
and she’d embrace me,
hug me so close to her heart
and promise to never let me go
no matter how much
I was killing her,
no matter how much I ruined
her life.


3 thoughts on “Just Say When

  1. I love your writing. It’s so grim and real. It pulls the depths of darkness from me and forces me to view my own past and regrets as if looking in a mirror. Perhaps I just have a fondness for tortured souls that have learned how to express themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is it your intention to make me find you and buy you a drink (coffee or liqueur, either or) my treat? Lol. It pleases me very much to know that my words do reach some people on the often brutally melancholic level that I express them and invokes feelings either ignored or forgotten. In all seriousness, thank you so much for the high praise. You are very inspiring. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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