Slayed By The Hand Of Affliction

It is my disposition to delude you.
Like a scandal, I am buried neatly, deeply,
beneath the thick crux that supplies you with life
I’ve secured infallible access to manipulate all things yours,
Impersonating as your sanity, the explanation of illusive conversations
plaguing your mind with terror, anguish,
the horrors of false reality;
hearing only the shrieks of a familiar voice ensnared in the traffic of
nostalgia densely floating towards the center of your being,
My lengthy stay roots in nefarious ways, outlandish conduct
perceived by those accustom to your mores,
Phased not by the crowd of eyes and whispered criticism, I continue
to infiltrate your mind,
spreading my venom, a stealthy toxin undetectable by mortal machines,
Eradicated solely at the final exit, when man returns to nature.


6 thoughts on “Slayed By The Hand Of Affliction

  1. Good work.. well-written. After having read a few of your pieces now, I have a gentle suggestion for you.. why not try shorter lines in your verses? I really admire the power in your words, but sometimes it feels a bit word-dense to me. See how you like it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • My deepest thanks to you for such a high praise. Each author’s passion pours from their own works in a light that they cannot appreciate, but their audience does! I bet (and will confirm) that you are as creative and passionate as you wish to be! Thanks for the awesome comment- totally made my day! 🙂


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