Connoisseur of All Things Divine

What deserving luck have I to stumble across your elegance?
Silky legs running for miles;
the distance smooth, direct and temptingly pure,
collecting yourself in a tight puddle, seductive scents teasing my nose,
I salivate,
The thought of taking you in, engulfing your entirety, creates an undeniable moisture between my lips
Caught at the peak of my inhibitions, I steal a kiss; a sip of the ecstasy you harbor
Your taste of bewildering citrus; exotic acidity too addictive,
potent like heroin in my veins,
The island flavors burst from your pores, the tropical aftertaste fresh from a leafy palm heavy with coconuts,
It is no longer an option,
I grab your fragile waist, softly but firm, and pour your contents into my thirsting trap,
Reluctantly, your juices overflow across my tongue,
thrusting yourself along the top of my lip in a desperate attempt to gain my commitment,
Overcome in angst, I become submerged,
in your intoxicating depth,
Soaking in a ruthless pleasure,
instantly craving more of you as I have emptied you completely,
“Just once more”, I’ll admit aloud, in an attempt to convince myself
as I watch the little beads of sweat perforate around your collar,
Mutual expectations build as our eye contact deepens,
Sensuality is wine upon the lips.


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