For the Sake of Order

Sing the crow a lullaby to charm him into a deep slumber,
let us hinder his delivery of quietus to the unsuspecting men below,
crowfore he aims to bring heaps of sorrow when the grey sky fills with thunder,
Keranos to spout forth lightening and push infernal winds to blow,
Thanatos will team with Hades himself to watch the fiendish extort those with caution,
no chance of heroes, they’ll expect lots of carnage and desperate sales of weak souls
to gather, offered spirits in collection for their budding army, launching
a battle no mortal endures, lest through the veins runs the blood of Ares, god of war.
A solution rings in the ballads chanted in subtle forms of tender pleas,
the melody, something hypnotic, to calm the winged animal to a permanent rest;
in his stillness, spike his heart and bury him beneath the trees,
quakes muddle the earth confirming change has triumphantly progressed.


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