Intolerable Confinement


Photo Credit: “Gender Dysphoria” by Snuffhob

A shock through the spine like this body’s not mine,
estranged of myself
and its complex design,
there’s a lack of connection,
no link to the mind,
This is not me.

Believed to be erred,
a lost soul in a haze,
fallen into a hole,
locked and stranded for days,
internal screams rise,
silent prayers break away,
I am not free.

Opt to change what I can,
make the best of the worst,
then the insults begin,
handled strongly at first,
a swift kick to the core and in hell I’m immersed,
I can not be.

Straggling through glass
to achieve simple bliss,
unsure how or why things have resulted to this,
no support in the battle,
all my woes are dismissed,
When will they see?

Gender dysphoria (GD) is a term used to describe the distress experienced by an individual about their assigned gender which is in conflict with their internal gender identity. It can affect anyone from young children to adults, no discrimination for age. If you or someone you know suffers from GD, visit WPath for support. For more information on GD, click here.


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