Fast Thoughts Spur Circles

Hasty choices
I’ve no other option but to make the hasty choices
If I ignore the voices the repercussions will strike louder
Resonating with power, altering evermore the course of which I was assigned
Change is good, but unfavorable
Saddled with unexpected phenomenons, I regress back to the start
I fall apart at the thought of wrong decisions
When the options rain heavy, they storm down in each direction
With no recollection of relativity between “what if” and “should I”, my mind falls back into the pattern of a mental break down
A spasm of cerebral nerves sparking, an electric reaction to the heavy downpour of hasty choices
I’ve no other option but to make the hasty choices


5 thoughts on “Fast Thoughts Spur Circles

  1. I was just discussing ‘choices’ with my girlfriend in the car today, She was saying how in today’s society we have to make so many decisions every day, and that simply choosing so many times can be quite draining. We’ve all had that moment of ‘I don’t want to chooses – you choose!’
    I know I fall into a flat panic if a restaurant menu is more than one double-sided page . . .

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    • Ironically enough, this particular post was inspired from having to choose what to cook for dinner. I find it can be subjective to many different perspectives though- a choice is a choice. You are not alone in restaurant menu panic! Lol

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