Let Them Eat Cake

Mmm, the bitter taste of starvation;
the gurgling shrieks of torment infesting the empty abdomen of the chagrined family
of four stained permanently of dust and ordure from long restless nights beneath the sewers;
the only shelter affordable when the budget is null.
Silent nibbles on wind pudding and air biscuits occupy the mouths of the infants,
their teeth grinding coarsely like oil-less cogs hidden beneath the surface of an old grandfather clock.
Like liquid gold, water drips from the single pipe providing the cleanest free water to be found for miles;
caught and stored as if it were a life sentenced bandit.
The delectable taste of the penury surging across the backs of their tongues, flavors so distinct, extreme amounts of gaiety would only tame it to a subtle aversion.
Succulent scents of musk atop musk seduce the nose;
salivating lightly at the aroma of fleshly decay buried ambiguously behind the walls nearest the escape towards the opulent.
Denied by the highest and apprised with a snark of mockery,
“Let them eat cake.”


3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. “Flavors so distinct extreme amounts of gaiety would only tame them to a subtle aversion . . .” — awesome line.

    Random historical . . . thing: I’m told that what the good lady Antoinette actually said was “Let them eat brioche”, and by this she meant bread. You ever heard that take?

    ‘Let them it cake’ is a way better title though.

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    • It was actually one of the Louis kings (the vi I think but I’m not sure anymore) wife, Marie-Therese, who said the phrase. Originally it was in French, but translates loosely to mean “let them eat brioche” . 🙂 I like the cake one better as well


      • No shit? My facts have been put through the wash a few times so I guess they’ve blurred a bit; I thought it was Marie-Antoinette!

        Damn, I hate being wrong. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of my chronic case of being male 😦

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