Spiraling In The Storm

Depression is a bitch of a feeling.
Selfishly stealing any glimmer of hope and elation,
Succeeding in revealing the deepest of darkest holes
in the souls of all its casualties;
Choking on the muffled cries for help.

The grueling attempts to smile and comfort the surrounding nobodies fail
and are replaced instead with
deep sobs, somber thoughts and the urge
to purge the body of every ounce of life within itself,
leaving the hollow case of supposed
normality ignorantly believedΒ  and received by its peers.

And yet, the fright brings relief as the black
sheet cloaking its being loosens its hold
around the neck of its victim
Allowing a gust of air
Big breath in
Big breath out
Surviving the unexpected attack.

Depression is a bitch of a feeling


5 thoughts on “Spiraling In The Storm

  1. “leaving the hollow case of supposed… normality ignorantly believed and received by its peers.” – Such poignant and beautiful words! It was an exquisite poem! It takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions from agony to positivity. Simply loved the play of words πŸ™‚

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